Get it Now: Tarte’s Blush Bazaar

Tarte Blush Bazaar

Tarte Blush Bazaar

Fashion’s minimalist renaissance shows some signs of waning, but in the beauty world, it’s been long gone. Sure, there are countless no-makeup makeup looks, but for every everyday look and neutral palette, there’s a more-is-more ethos that just won’t quit. Embracing the idea of bounty and beauty’s love of more, more more, we’re lusting after the brand-new Tarte Limited-Edition Blush Bazaar Amazonian Clay Blush Palette ($44).

Who needs a palette with 10 different blushes and highlighters? Who doesn’t? Well, we can think of a few die-hard collectors that wouldn’t, but there’s something to say about spending less than $50 and getting and entire buffet of blushes. All of the shades are from Tarte’s Amazonian Clay line, which offers up long-wearing color, smooth application, and pigment for days. While some of the shades may only come into your beauty rotation once or twice, the palette has a slew of wear-everyday shades, too, making it a great option for everyone from natural-leaning beauty babes and over-the-top worshippers of all things RuPaul. There’s a combo of matte and shimmers between the eight blushes and two highlighters, so Tarte’s going for a wide swathe of beauty junkies. When a company knows what we want and offers it all up in to-die-for packaging, you can be sure it’s a sell-out waiting to happen. Add to that its almost unbelievable price and you’ve got a blockbuster waiting to happen. Don’t wait on it or you’ll be left in the dust.

Available at Sephora.

Images courtesy Sephora

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