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Tatcha The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment

Tatcha The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment

While some products tout the ability to mask things like under-eye bags and fine lines, there are only a few that can claim to cover those less-than-desirable details while also working to make them disappear. The first color complexion offering from Tatcha, San Francisco’s Japanese-inspired skin-care line, sets out to not only mask offending flaws, but to make sure that undereyes get what they need to look their best. Combining a potent cocktail of skin-care ingredients, Tatcha The Pearl Tinted Eye Illuminating Treatment ($48) doesn’t just cover, it works to pump skin full of what it needs to look its best.

It may not look like much, but inside the spherical pot, you’ll find an unassuming concealer. But a look at the ingredients, which include liquid pearl extracts from Akoya pearls, silk powder, and tea ferment prove that it’s more than just a standard cover up. The formula is silky and creamy, setting to a natural finish that’ll make even the most tired eyes look wide awake. But while the color correction is a boon after long nights, the skin-care ingredients will make sure that there’s no evidence of lost sleep. Working together, the pigment and good-for-skin ingredients combat thinning skin, blue undertones, and pigmentation, the three major factors of under-eye fatigue and discoloration.

And because this is Tatcha, you can be sure there’s plenty of tradition behind the beautiful packaging and thoughtful formula. Often regarded as the most coveted pearls in the world Akoya pearls are known for their luster and beauty. They’ve also been integrated into Japanese beauty for generations, known for inhibiting pigmentation and offering a bright complexion. Utilizing that time-tested concept, modern-day beauty fanatics can dot this formula on and know that they’re doing something great for themselves, not just adding another layer of makeup.

Available at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu

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