Get it Now: Tatcha’s Silk Canvas Protective Primer

Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer

Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer

Continuing to bring age-old tradition to modern-day women, Tatcha’s offering up the very last step in a geisha’s skin-care routine. The Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer ($52), already a bestseller at Sephora, is inspired by the waxy layer that geisha would use to protect their skin from their heavy makeup. While most women aren’t using the same formulas as Edo-era geisha, Tatcha is giving them a way to protect their skin and create a perfect, poreless canvas before makeup application.

The primer’s silk powder creates a smooth, even surface on the skin, keeping all of your skin-care ingredients in and environmental stressors out. Lightweight and silky smooth, it only takes a rice-grain sized amount of product to cover the whole face. Use it before foundation to blur pores and on eyelids to make shadows stay put. Imbued with pink and gold pearl, the primer imparts a subtle glow that’s like an Instagram filter for your complexion. Tatcha’s proprietary blend of green tea, rice, and algae make sure that good-for-skin ingredients are also on offer, but the shine control and moisture retention may be reason enough to stock up.

Tatcha adds that the formula is the perfect thing for lips, too, and plays well with any formula you put on top. Creams, powders and liquids alike will set to a beautiful finish and your skin will have a protective barrier to keep pores from getting clogged and breakouts at bay. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s the perfect finishing touch to make sure that the skincare you use gets locked in and the world’s baddies—pollution, dirt and the like—stay out.

Available at Sephora.

Images courtesy Tatcha

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Author:Christopher Luu

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.