Tatcha’s Travel Kit is TSA and Beauty Blogger Approved

Tatcha Travel Kit

Tatcha Travel Kit

Even if you’re flying first class and have an Uber car waiting for you at the airport, there’s no denying that certain aspect of travel are a drag. Just ask anyone who has gotten their hand cream or perfume unceremoniously confiscated during TSA screening. Not that we’d know for personal experience, but let’s just say we’ve met some TSA officers with very soft hands after we accidentally misplaced our L’Occitane hand cream. Make your end of summer travels just a little easier with the Tatcha Travel Kit ($125), a TSA approved mix of the line’s travel necessities and you’ll arrive to your destination glowing and smug knowing that your beauty routine is safe from the airport’s tight fist.

The Travel Kit brings together Tatcha’s in-flight necessities so that even the longest haul flight (something like San Francisco to Tokyo trip that founder Vicky Tsai has to make pretty often) seems like less of a drag and more like a spa treatment. Sit back in your chair — first class isn’t necessary, but we’ll just say that it does help — and blot your face with a blotting paper before indulging in Tatcha’s Deep Hydration Lifting Mask, a cloth mask that’ll infuse your skin with algae, silk and green tea extracts and keep it glowing through even the most stale cabin air. And if that’s not enough, Tatcha has also included its Luminous Eye Mask for those time zone-hopping adventures, too. Finish off with the brand’s Dewy Skin Mist and gold-leaf flecked Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm and you’ll arrive glowing and radiant. And as a finishing touch, Tatcha’s indigo hand cream will keep your mitts soft and supple. Think you’ll look a little bit foolish pampering yourself in-flight? Think again, because your fellow passengers are sure to feel a few stabs of jealousy when they see just how relaxed and radiant you are. Everything in the travel kit is housed in a clear-front zip pouch that’s TSA approved so you won’t sweat when you reach security, and that’s the most luxe part of it all.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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