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Rahmés BondmobileAfter learning the ropes of beauty at Lancome and then helming esteemed boutique fragrance houses Bond no 9 perfume_New York Amber _purplesuch as Annick Goutal and Creed, Bond No. 9 nose and creator Laurice Rahmé has been on a mission to “make New York smell good again.” The company, founded in 2003, has garnered a cult following inside and outside Gotham, and fragrance veteran Rahmé has built a formidable niche brand steeped in New York culture, and invited the rest of the world to take a bit eof the Big Apple with them wherever they go. With 53 scents reflecting everything from the boroughs to the beaches of New York, it’s no wonder that fans love Bond No. 9 as much as they love the city itself.

Fashion Trends Daily sat down with Bond No. 9 creator Laurice Rahmé at Saks Fifth Avenue, South Coast Plaza, to talk about New York, Bond’s forward-thinking fragrances, Andy Warhol and her newest baby.

Fashion Trends Daily: The line is for men and women, and the scents are all unisex. What is it about Bond No. 9 that captivates people?

Laurice Rahmé: We set out to make New York smell good again. After 9/11, [the city] smelled awful – especially downtown where we’re headquartered. Everything we do is inspired by the city. When you’re a noncomformist or a nontraditionalist, you come out with a recipe that’s very unique.

FTD: The bottles and designs are as much a signature of Bond No. 9. as the scents. What inspired the shape?
LR: I drew the bottle to imitate the shape of a human, even though people sometimes see a star, with a head and arms and a waist. I just treated it like dressing a human. I knew that if we could dress humans a million different ways, we would be able to do the same for the bottle. It’s very difficult to make. It has a little belly, which makes it really human.

Bond No. 9 Display

FTD: And the stunning Swarovski crystal bottles? Do people actually use them?
LR: They’re great for collectors. There are Swarovski collectors and there are perfume collectors. I brought those two together! It takes two weeks to make each bottle, every crystal is placed by hand in New York. We’ve been doing the holiday bottles for five years now, everyone loves them. Collectors know that they need to keep everything from the box to the bottle, so we decorate it all. People buy them to use and to keep.

FTD: You’ve collaborated with Andy Warhol and the High Line, what’s next?
LR: We never ask for those, people come to us. Harrod’s came and since [then owner] Dodi Al Fayed was such a good customer, we made scents for Harrod’s. We’re the number one selling fragrance there. Andy Warhol came to us and that’s our celebrity perfume. Warhol was the celebrity’s celebrity. And the High Line: We have the trademark for that, not Diane [Von Furstenberg], even though she’s a great friend and advocate of the High Line.

FTD: The I Heart New York scents are new. How did they fit in with the brand?
LR: The state is out of money, plain and simple. Before the Milton Glaser logo was public domain but now the state is licensing it. We’re the fragrance for the state, it adds a luxury to the logo, not like a $25 t-shirt you can get anywhere. There will be 15 [fragrances] all together. The I Heart New York fragrances will have a much wider distribution. Everyone wants it. Everyone wants a piece of Bond. Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s. Everyone.

Bond No 9 perfume_BlackLimitedEdition1027a_large


FTD: And what’s next?
LR: Amber is the newest scent. New York Amber is a modernized oud, which is a very traditional Middle Eastern ingredient. I added honey, because New Yorkers love desserts and sweets. People love gourmand notes. That’s where we’re moving. I’d love to do a whole series with ancient ingredients. Our customer is ready, as long as it’s easy to wear. Things like patchouli and oud with a New York twist. Our next spring release is Central Park West, we always do a park for the spring.

FTD: What’s your favorite Bond scent?
LR: The baby. Always the newest one, so New York Amber right now, the next one and then the next one.

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Author:Christopher Luu

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.