Get it Now: The Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Palette

Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Palette

The last thing you need is a hole in the head (though, with Halloween coming up, pin that on your inspo board). Another thing you probably don’t need is another eyeshadow palette — especially another collection of neutral shades. But wait, hear us out. Urban Decay, the OG neutral palette creator, is offering up a new remix that might just be worth your time: the Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics Palette ($54).

What makes it so special? First off, it’s completely matte. That may be surprising coming from a brand known for sparkles, shimmer, and a line of shadows called Moondust, but you won’t find even microshimmer in this palette, making it perfect for ladies that might not be looking for disco-inspired eye looks. Another thing that makes this palette worthwhile: it’s easy-to-use, works for day and night alike and it’ll give you cool-girl beauty cred, too. Each shade in the Ultimate Naked Basics is exclusive to this palette — completely different from the selection in the Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics palettes. Additionally, this palette offers a range of neutral mattes, including both cool to warm tones. It’s perfect for creating contoured all-matte looks, but like all Urban Decay creations, it plays well with bold hues, too. It’s sure to sell out, so snag one while you can — things this great never last.

Available at Sephora.

Images courtesy Urban Decay

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