What’s Your Season? Revisiting the ’80s Classic Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson

Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson

If you grew up in the ’80s, you probably remember Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful. The book, which spent over three year on the New York Times bestseller list, was a guide that helped countless women find their “season,” and the best colors to flatter their complexions. The book — which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015 — outlined a simple theory that after finding out whether you were a winter, spring, summer or fall, they could edit their beauty and wardrobe choices into a specific set of colors to look great and feel fabulous (which is exactly what the book’s cover boasts).

Does the book work today or is it something that belongs in a time capsule? A whole generation of women followed Jackson’s advice and soon, Color Me Beautiful grew to an beauty and fashion empire. Curious to see just how much of the book is still relevant? We took the Color Me Beautiful quiz to find out.

Step one of the Color Me Beautiful quiz

Step one of the Color Me Beautiful online quiz

All that Color Me Beautiful (which has moved all of its wisdom online these days) needs is the color of your hair and the depth of your complexion. We were matched with Winter, and Color Me Beautiful suggested the following:

“Because you have a lot of visual contrast you can pull off deep, rich colors accented with jewel tones, and even wear bright white or icy pastels. A dark suit with cool undertones like dark navy, charcoal or black will complement your dynamic coloring. Avoid earth tones which can make you look sallow, and muted or powdery colors which can make you look shadowed. Remember, accents should be vibrant, and intense jewel tones. Be as bold as nature created you to be.”

Winter colors

Winter colors

Nature created Winters to be bold! And though we’re almost certain that just about everyone looks great in dark navies, charcoal and black (as well as jewel tones), we think that there’s some pretty solid information to be learned from the advice of Color Me Beautiful. The site also suggests makeup shades and offers different colored swatch palettes that you can take along with you when you go shopping and use as a reference. That part of the equation is what seems most dated to us. when you’re out shopping, the best way to see whether or not something looks good on you is to try it on. And when it comes to makeup, we say just try it on. After all, lipstick is easy to wipe off and part of the fun when you’re at Sephora or a department store is playing with the different shades.

There are, of course, colors that complement different hair colors and skin shades, so Jackson was definitely providing a great outline to women who needed a little bit of help. The ’80s were all about efficiency and uniform dressing, so Jackson’s book definitely fit the bill. Today, fashion’s about having fun and experimenting, so while Color Me Beautiful might be a great way to get some pointers, there’s nothing like going out there and just having trying things out — and on.

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