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Ralph Lauren Spring 2012 Flapper Trend New York Fashion Week

The Jazz Age Returns to the Runways with Flapper Inspired Designs

Maybe it’s Baz Luhrmann’s new Gatsby re-make that is giving designers a case of jazz-era fever, but we spotted drop-waist and flapper detailing galore at New York Fashion Week.

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Go for the (Rose) Gold

Be a blushing beauty when you slide on these rose-tinted gilt goodies. Check out our top 5 rose gold picks.

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Herve Leger Cutout Bandage One Piece Swimsuit

Suit Yourself: Skimpy Suits Not Made For Swimming

From outré to outrageous, designers’ ideas of power suiting takes a definite shift when the summer heat sets in. Check out our top three picks for suits that are made for anything but swimming…plus one extra celeb suit, we’ve thrown in for fun…

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Vuitton Luxury Beach Towels

Towel Envy: Soak Up Our Picks For Luxe Summer Beach Towels

Go ahead, turn those brown tans green with envy when you recline on these luxurious towels for your lounger!

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The inaugural group of Fashion Camp OC members

Trendsetters: Fashion Camp OC Founder Erin Bianchi

Orange County’s Fashion Camp OC Lures With Style, Not Smores

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