A.P.C. Goes Catty with Accessories from Jessica Ogden

Jessica Ogden for A.P.C.

Jessica Ogden for A.P.C.

What to do when you’re making chambray shirts, plaid button-ups and other downtown staples and you’ve got a few scraps left over? Any other brand would just toss those scraps aside, but not A.P.C. The company’s founder, Jean Touitou, enlisted master quilter (and hipster fave) Jessica Ogden to take those scraps and repurpose them into little accessories for toting around your iEverythings and more. The result is a limited edition collection of kitty cat accessories that’ll keep your gadgets warm and cozy in the cutest way possible.

Ogden, who has done quilt work for the French brand in the past, took scraps of shirting and other materials to create iPhone cases, satchels, and a super cute baby blanked that’s perfect for the spawn of your hipster friends (or yourself, we’re not judging). Pussycat motifs have been spotted on the runways at Miu Miu, Vivienne Westwood and of course, Charlotte Olympia, so it’s not a stretch to be sliding your phone into a kitty cozy. The kitschy collection is available now in New York’s A.P.C. at 267 West 4th Street, and while this probably won’t sell out as fast as the label’s Kanye West collab, the limited quantities and twee nature of handcrafted goods mean it won’t be around very long.

To order, call 212-755-2523.

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