Bullets4Peace Jewelry Line Has Twilight Eclipse Wolves Howling With Approval

Twilight Eclipse wolf Boo Boo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater) at Gavert Atelier salon in Beverly Hills

It’s been a while since we actually ran with the wolves, but we did primp with some of them last Thursday afternoon at Gavert Atelier salon in Beverly Hills as they were getting groomed for the Twilight Eclipse premiere in Downtown L.A. that evening.

The much howled-over wolf pack — including cub Boo Boo Stewart (aka Seth Clearwater), Bronson Pelletier and Tinsel Korey — were seen slinking around in very un-wolflike black smocks and sporting the latest Hollywood It Item: Bullets4Peace necklaces.

Twilight Eclipse wolf pack member Tinsel Korey

The Los Angeles-based jewelry line made out of recycled bullet casings taken from war zones, crime-ridden streets and hazardous locales and reworked with sterling silver, pewter, Swarovski crystals and other gems, has been a hit with celebs from Beyonce to Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Eva Longoria Parker, Jamie Foxx and more.

The line was founded by Rafi Anteby and conceived after the violent loss of his childhood friend. Anteby, a former officer in the Israeli army and former head of a counterterrorism consulting group based in the U.S., was on hand to personally deliver them. And with a resume like that, how could anyone really refuse?

But we didn’t have to test out our Krav Maga skills with the very affable Anteby who, as we left, was eagerly waiting to adorn the very nervous-seeming Korey, who had ducked away to an upstairs room to get dressed.

Twilight Eclipse wolf Bronson Pelletier with Danish girlfriend Sabine Moestrup

The Bullets4Peace line ranges from about $145 to $350, and can be found in retailers such as Bettina Duncan at Fred Segal, Theodore, Atrium, Big Drop and more. A percentage of the proceeds of each sale go to the Every Bullet Has a Target program, which assigns a different charity to each bullet style.

The pre-premiere event was bittersweet for the salon, which had just the past week seen the passing of its co-founder, namesake and celebrity colorist Stuart Gavert. Gavert, who also colored the hair of Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, offered “Twilights” to his Twihard fans who wanted highlights just like their idols.

We’re sure that Gavert — who used to expertly tend to our tresses during our dalliance with blond — would have been thrilled to see the young wolves pawing around in his beauty den wearing Anteby’s line.

And despite the obvious hazards associated with a werewolf wearing a silver bullet, the wolves seemed genuinely happy to support the charity-friendly line.

“They’re very cool and it’s a great cause,” said Stewart. “I think all the wolves are wearing them tonight.”

Twilight Eclipse trailer

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