Estée Lauder Teams with Courrèges for a Space Age Beauty Collab

Estée Lauder x Courrèges collection

Estée Lauder x Courrèges collection

In the swinging ’60s, the Space Race was front and center in the minds of just about everyone. But when the general public wasn’t fretting over Sputnik or playing with rockets, two names ruled the worlds of beauty and fashion: Estée Lauder and André Courrèges. The two iconic brands have come together for a special collection of beauty products that take inspiration not only from the look of the era futurism, but also the ethos of optimism and poppy fun that pervaded the entire decade.

“Our makeup collaboration recognizes Courrèges’ philosophy of pop luxury — bringing a sense of surprise, fun and optimism to the world of beauty,” Jane Hertzmark Hudis, global brand president for Estée Lauder told WWD. “When a culture of futurism subsequently consumed the era, there were two names firmly in the vanguard: Estée Lauder and André Courrèges. She, a beauty industry innovator whose ‘every woman can be beautiful’ mantra was ahead of its time; he, a fashion force whose avant-garde aesthetic broke all the style rules by injecting an air of playfulness, movement and egalitarianism into every one of his haute couture collections.”

Estée Lauder x Courrèges collection

Estée Lauder x Courrèges collection

The collection, which includes 13 items, includes a pair of spidery false lashes that recall the distinctive Twiggy look as well as unique products you won’t find in the usual Lauder lineup. Whereas brands such as MAC are no strangers to collab, they rarely debut new formulas and products. The Estée Lauder x Courrèges collection includes one-of-a-kind products meant to bring light and luminosity to the complexion. The Iridescent Ball Highlighter ($26) is a subtle cream highlighter that can be dabbed on the face for an etherial glow and the Lip + Cheek Ball ($26) does the  same for the lips.

Eyes get the focus of the collection, including a new formula of shadow stick ($22) that glides on with the ease of pencil as well as a pair of new powder shadows ($26) housed in the collection’s signature Space Race-inspired orb packaging. For the ultimate ’60s look, there’s even an ultra-white eyeliner ($26) that gives an out-of-this world look.  The limited-edition collection hits store shelves at specialty retailers such as 10 Corso Como and Colette, but lucky American beauty junkies will be glad to find it avaiable online at Sephora.

“These days, there are a lot of market collaborations,” said Courrèges co-owner and co-president Jacques Bungert. “This is more than that. This is about two companies coming together and sharing a vision that includes luxury teamed with quality and optimism. This is the Sixties, back in a very modern way.”

The Estée Lauder x Courrèges collection is available now at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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