Get it Now: Grey Day By Deborah Lippmann & Jason Wu

Grey Day by Jason Wu and Deborah Lippmann

Grey Day by Jason Wu and Deborah Lippmann

The reigning champ of varnish, Deborah Lippman, has teamed with one of the biggest names in New York fashion to create a color that’s pretty perfect, no matter your style. With Grey Day – Deborah Lippmann x Jason Wu ($20), which debuted at Wu’s latest fashion show for his diffusion line, is a wear-it-anywhere hue that’s edgy and elegant all at once.

Wu named his lower-priced line for his favorite color, so it only made sense that is debut nail color collaboration would focus on its namesake. Channeling the relaxed, sophisticated attitude of the line, Lippmann worked to craft a shade that’s easy to wear and fashion-forward. Unlike some greys, which can be cold and harsh, this soft color works with power suits and cocktail dresses alike. Plus, it’s got Lippmann’s signature Gel Lab Pro formula, which is healthier than traditional gel polish and longer lasting than old-school varnish. So, even if you can’t snag a full wardrobe from Wu, you can grab a piece of the designer without having to consign your entire closet. A season-appropriate shade that’s perfect for summer and winter alike, snagging this now is a smart move that’ll pay off all year long.

Available at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.