Harry’s and Jimmy Chin Make Over Your Shave

Harry's Jimmy Chin razors

Harry’s Jimmy Chin razors

It’s tough to get exciting about something as mundane as shaving, but guys have been getting a little more amped up for their grooming routine ever since Harry’s burst onto the scene in 2013 and gave guys something to look forward to in the morning. The brand’s colorful razors, sleek packaging and partnerships with stores such as J. Crew and beloved sites such as Uncrate made them an instant hit. But resting on its laurels isn’t something that Harry’s does, so when co-founder Jeff Raider went on a camping trip with adventurer Jimmy Chin a brand new collab was born to give guys an eye-catching update on their iconic razors.

Jimmy Chin for Harry's

Jimmy Chin for Harry’s

Jimmy Chin worked with Harry’s to create a brand new set of razor handles that echoes the bright colors of the climbing equipment that he uses on his treks and climbs (which include multiple trips to Everest, Meru, the Grand Tetons and other spots around the globe). 

And it’s those world-famous climbing spots that inspired the different colors on the razor handles. Teton Green is named for Jimmy’s favorite spot to climb and ski — it also happens to be his favorite color in the entire collection — but there’s also Meru Blue, named for a 20,700 ft vertical wall of rock in the Himalayas. Chin and his team were the very first group to ever summit the peak back in 2011.

Exum Yellow is named for the ridge in the Grand Tetons where the campaign was shot (and the pictures are stunning to say the least) and finally, Summit Red is named for Mount Everest itself. In 2006, Chin and his friends Kit and Rob DesLauriers were the first group from America to ski down its slopes.

If you need a little adventure to perk you up in the morning or you just want to give your grooming routine a new look, these bright razors are one way to inject a little bit of adrenaline into even the most everyday activity.

To pick up your own set or to get more info, visit www.harrys.com.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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