Miguelina Dives Into Conservation For Seaworthy Summer Collab

Miguelina x Oceana capsule collection shot by underwater photographer Jeff Hornbaker

Every couple of years or so, I will be flipping through one of my glossy mags reading one of those ‘what I’m packing for (fill-in-the-exotic destination)’ articles and some jet-setting fashion maven is boasting about packing nothing but a week’s worth of bikinis, one caftan, a pair of sandals and a jar of crème de la mer.

The first thing that goes through my mind is, well, a barrage of naughty words so artfully strung together that I am almost proud. And then I phone a friend and read her the article and after we have mined the F-bomb so many times it ceases to have any meaning, pure whining kicks in. “But I waaant to go to Nevis with nothing but five bikinis, tooooooooo,” we soon say with entitled, screechy voices.

But I’m happy to say that I’ve moved past that now. I’ve moved past anger. I’ve pushed past Miguelina x Oceana capsule collection shot by underwater photographer Jeff Hornbakeracceptance, Now, I’ve embraced it and just put it straight on the to-do list:

Book ticket to Maldives.
Pack ONLY bikinis and sandals in bag.
Brag about it to anyone who will listen.

As you can see, I’ve put a fair amount of time into thinking about this. I also know exactly who my go-to designer will be (note that I said ‘will’ be, not ‘would’): Miguelina Gambaccini and her gorgeous beachwear brand Miguelina. Known for its sexy swimwear, dreamy beach cover-ups and honeymoon staples, Miguelina is beloved by well-traveled women from East Hampton to Ibiza. In short: ladies who use “summer” as a verb.

Miguelina and Oceana capsule collection Shark BikiniAnd if you, too, have hopes of packing only a few beach-worthy items for your next escape, then look no further than Miguelina’s new limited edition, six-piece capsule collection, launched in collaboration with Oceana this week on Net-a-Porter and Miguelina.com. The entire collection, a partnership with the world’s largest ocean charity, not only will fit neatly into your tote, but also has the added bonus of raising much-needed awareness for the world’s oceans.

Gambaccini, a lifelong beach worshiper, is a natural ambassador for the oceans and its urgent need for conservation. The Dominican-born designer travels the world in search of perfect beaches, and it was a recent trip to work on her beach/fall 2015 collection in Tulum, Mexico — billed as the Mayan Riviera — that ocean conservation quickly became an imperative for her and the brand. Day after day, Gambaccini watched as trash washed ashore on what should have been pristine coastline. Finally, after months of frustration she approached Oceana.

“The beach is my life and where I am happiest. I grew up by the water in the Dominican Republic, lived on a sail boat in Sag Harbor and basically traveled the globe chasing new beaches,” said Gambaccini. “Seeing the decay of our oceans inspired me to act. Oceana is leading the charge to conserve our oceans and raise awareness about the challenges they face. It only made sense that my brand, which embraces the spirit of the sea, should play some small part in helping their goals.”

Of course, Gambaccini also happens to be exactly, authentically, the kind of woman who could effortlessly pack only this capsule collection in a carry-on bag for an island trip. And you couldn’t hate her for it — mostly because you know that in all likelihood she is really part mermaid.

Miguelina x Oceana capsule collection shot by underwater photographer Jeff Hornbaker

The stunning photographs to celebrate this capsule collection, shot by renowned underwater Miguelina x Oceana capsule collection Shark Clutchphotographer Jeff Hornbaker, only further confirm Gambaccini’s suspected mermaid heritage. Shot at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, the campaign features ethereal shots of women gliding through the water wearing pieces from the collection and looking so alluring that any sailor might easily slip into the ocean with them and never be seen again.

The price point of the collection is equally alluring with accessories and apparel ranging from $45 to $250, including: swimwear made in the Dominican Republic, Panama Hats, Necklaces handcrafted in Africa, bags (a tote and clutch), T-shirts and a signature bracelet with the word “beachy” spelled out. And fittingly, in time for Shark Week, the bikini, bags and T-shirt all sport a custom-designed shark logo, inspired by Oceana’s campaigns to protect sharks threatened by bycatch and shark finning.

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“Our oceans are an incredible resource for the world and we need more people to voice their support for policies that will help return them to former levels of abundance,” said Matt Littlejohn, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Communicaitons for Oceana.

The collaboration will support Oceana’s efforts to restore the world’s oceans by combating climate change, protecting key species and advocating for science-based fisheries management. Together, the organization’s campaigns aim to create conditions that will allow the oceans to return to former levels of abundance and help feed more people around the world. The organization’s focus on achieving measurable, science-based goals with fixed deadlines has already resulted in hundreds of victories and the protection of more than one million square miles of ocean.

Miguelina tips“Working with Oceana and their amazing team has been an incredible experience and I am so honored to have the opportunity to work with a group of such passionate people,” said Gambaccini. “Since we started working on the collaboration, I’ve learned about all the important issues like restoring the wild fish populations to serve as a sustainable source of protein, the sea food fraud, and illegal fishing just to name a few. Oceana does incredible, impactful work.“

And if supporting conservation efforts also includes shopping this collection and then hopping a plane with nothing but our six-piece, Miguelina summer musts, then we’re ready to dive in!

To shop the Miguelina x Oceana collaboration, shop the post in this article or go to www.netaporter.com or www.miguelina.com for additional products. To learn more about how you can get involved with ocean conservation, go to www.oceana.org

PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Hornbaker

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