Monday Muse: Urban Decay Goes Totally ’80s For Its Latest Lip Palette

Urban Decay Nagel Vice Lipstick Palettes

Urban Decay Nagel Vice Lipstick Palettes

If anyone needs confirmation that the ’80s are definitely back, look no further. Orange County’s very own Urban Decay has teamed up with one of the most iconic artists of the Me Decade to create another must-have, sure-to-sell-out offering. The Urban Decay Nagel Vice Lipstick Palettes ($22) bring together the beauty brand’s beloved lipstick formula with the ’80s most recognizable artwork, making for an instant hit.

Urban Decay’s three releases feature a trio of Nagel’s most famous pieces: “Sunglasses,” “Untitled,” and “Rio,” which is the cover of Duran Duran’s album of the same name. For anyone unfamiliar with Patrick Nagel’s work, his imagery is basically the ’80s incarnate. His famous works take women down to their essentials, focusing on their lips, sharp angles, and, naturally, close cropped ‘dos. The colors and style of his work have become the stuff of art legend, whether you ask a highbrow art critic or the casual armchair admirer. Urban Decay pulled shades straight from the pictures, too, with the “Rio” palette featuring a bold magenta that’s an exact match for the one in the artwork.

Each palette comes with five shades and some even feature brand-new colors. Roach, one of UD’s cult-favorite eyeshadows, gets done up in a lipstick shade and each palette ranges from wear-everyday neutrals to bolder, special-occasion hues. Each comes with a brush, too, making for easy application and precision. It may not have the sex appeal of applying straight from the bullet, but even the brush is an ’80s throwback. Anyone with a teasing comb and a passing familiarity with cans of Aqua Net can recall the same style of brushes in Ultima II palettes.

Even if some beauty addicts (and UD die-hards) don’t recall the artwork, there’s still plenty to love. Slick on these lippies and turn up the tunes, because it’s impossible to look at any of these must-haves and not have the chorus of “Rio” stuck in your head for hours on end.

Available at Urban Decay.

Images courtesy Urban Decay

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