Pour Some Sugar On Me: The Quest For Candy at Dylan Lauren’s Book Launch Party

Dylan Lauren Book Launch Party Los Angeles

Dylan Lauren at the Los Angeles launch party for her new book, "Unwrap Your Sweet Life"

Call us crazy, but when we arrived at the Ralph Lauren store on Robertson Tuesday night for the launch party to fete the release of  “Unwrap Your Sweet Life,” the book penned by Dylan’s Candy Bar founder Dylan Lauren, we — naturally — couldn’t wait to get our sticky paws on some candy. Unwrap Your Sweet Life

And so our quest began…

8:15 (The party was from 7-9 pm.) There seems to be nary a piece of candy left for the munching, licking or chomping, save for the fantastical Willy Wonka-esque displays. How could this be?

Lucky for us, there are about a dozen of the books left at least — phew — and we buy one before the rest are devoured, too. The staff said they started the night with about 200, and the remaining ones are poised to disappear quicker than the naughty Augustus Gloop got swept away in a river of molten chocolate.

8:20 Our book is signed by the very gracious and bubbly Lauren — dressed in prepster chic kelly Green shirt and repp tie paired with black skinny jeans — who impresses us with her deft ability to simultaneously greet guests with a smile of picture-perfect Chiclet whites, make chit-chat while signing their books and manage to reapply her iridescent bubble gum-pink lip gloss. And how this self-professed candy addict who once wrote a college entrance essay titled, “Why I Am Like an Everlasting Gobstopper” manages to stay as thin as Twizzler is a mystery that not even Wonka himself is privy too! (But we’d sure love the secret recipe!)

8:25 Still no candy. In full stalk mode. Hunting for the candy girls wearing Ralph Lauren polos (of course), tutus and Technicolor wigs,

Candy Girls at Dylan Lauren Book Launch Party Los Angeles

The Candy Girls-when the gettin' was good. PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

as we heard that they had the goods. Walk by empty, taunting king-size boxes of candy tossed on tables aside stacks of bright polo shirts.

8:27. A small tray of mini, truffle-size cotton-candy poufs come out in weensy paper cones. We pounce on the server and place a pink cotton ball in our mouth. Not even enough to qualify as a tease.

8:30 Oh sad, sad, night. The candy girl trio informs us that they have given out all the candy…

Dylan Lauren Book Launch Party Los Angeles

If anyone has seen this missing lollipop, please contact us immediately!

8:40 We notice that some desperate candy fiend (we swear, not us) had, in a likely fit of low glycemic-level desperation, grabbed a lollipop off the candy tree. (We’ve posted the evidence for you, dear reader.) We know it couldn’t possibly have been one of the evening’s

Dylan's Candy Bar: Unwrap Your Sweet Life Celebration At Ralph Lauren

Joy Bryant and Brandy

many sweet guests: Brandy, Joy Bryant, Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones, Elizabeth Berkley and more.

8:45, Server winks at us and promises to look the other way if we want to “sample” one off the tree. But, we can’t bare the thought of denuding such a gorgeous display — although, the thought of licking it from top to bottom may perhaps have crossed our minds.

8:47 Run into Jelly Belly rep, who tells us that the company supplied over 800 pounds of Jelly Bellys for the event. We drool at the blueberry-flavored ones mocking us from inside a display case.

8:50 Valet. We settle for eating up the lush visuals in the book when we get home, while tearing into the dark chocolate and raspberry candy bar waiting in our fridge!

But not to worry, Dylan, we don’t believe in a Sour Patch Kids attitude. We’ll forgive you…but only if you promise to open a Dylan’s Candy Bar in L.A. soon!

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