Pyrrha Debuts Game of Thrones Jewelry

Game of Thrones Talisman Necklaces

Pyrrha for Game of Thrones Talisman Necklaces

If you’re keeping up with the bloodshed, drama and turmoil of Westeros, you know that this Sunday marks the return of HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones. And while the show might not be something you draw sartorial inspiration from (though Jon Snow’s furs are very Fendi and Daenerys Targaryen peroxide hair is quite Donatella), you can have a piece of the show in your wardrobe thanks to Pyrrha’s Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore. The Vancouver-based jewelers worked with HBO for an exclusive collection of GoT jewelry, each piece inspired by the various houses of Westeros. So choose your allegiance carefully, because who knows what family will rise to the top once Winter arrives.

The Pyrrha for Games of Thrones collection includes talisman necklaces, bracelets and more, each one bearing the crest from the show’s motley crew of families. And while Papin and Wilmore are accustomed to old world inspiration (their main range includes pieces cast from original wax seals from the 19th Century), it was a little more difficult to get three-dimensional when inspiration came by way of digital stills from the show’s set.

Pyrrha for Games of Thrones

Pyrrha for Games of Thrones Cuff

“There was a lot of handwork involved to achieve what we wanted to do and make it authentic and look like it would belong in such a realm,” said Papin. “We had to give it our treatment to give it the look. Essentially, we like and embrace imperfection. We like to show the cracks and the age in our pieces.”

Like the rest of the Pyrrha collection, the Game of Thrones collaboration is handmade in Vancouver and individually treated so that each and every piece has its own patina and look. Fans of the show will recognize each noble house’s sigil. The stag of Baratheon, Tyrell’s jagged rose and the kraken of Greyjoy are all accounted for, along with the Targaryen’s swirling three-headed dragon and Stark’s wolf. Each talisman is meant to look like a fresh wax seal and crafted from reclaimed sterling silver or bronze.

“Because we’re a smaller atelier who makes everything in-house and, we can do very of-the-moment things,” said Papin. “So as things happen in Game of Thrones we can look at specific events and maybe design something related to that.”

The Pyrrha for Game of Thrones Collection is available at the brand’s Los Angeles flagship, located at 8315 West 3rd Street. For more information, visit

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