Satya Jewelry Finds Gold in Selling Mini Collections

Satya Seize The Day Gold Collection

Satya Jewelry Seize The Day Gold Collection

On one frenetic, flurry of a day when we were sure we would be swallowed whole by the pace of our life, we were pondering just how best to grab hold of our day before it took a firm hold of us.

And what should appear at our Cyber door: The Seize The Day Gold Collection available online from Satya Jewelry. We took it as a sign. Really, who are we to question the form in which such questions are answered? Particularly, when that form comes in a fabulous little bundle of gold accessories — from earrings to bangles and cuffs. We were ready to get our carpe diem on with one swift click of the mouse pointed on the “add to cart” button.

The stylish package includes five pieces — one pair of earrings, three necklaces and a cuff — and is part of a new online retail selling strategy for Satya Jewelry, the New York-based jewelry brand that counts Courtney Cox, Scarlett Johansen, Rachel Bilson, Patricia Arquette and more as fans.

Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick-Ward, co-founders and co-designers of the

Satya and Beth

Satya Scainetti and Beth Torstrick-Ward

nine-year-old company, wanted to offer their customers a starter collection that worked well on its own or as a base for adding more pieces. So they launched the mini collections, under the heading of the “Get This Look” category.

Interestingly, said Scainetti, merchandising them as a group on the Web has also given a big boost to sales of individual pieces.

“You need to layer up,” said Scainetti. “Some people really struggle with how to pull everything together, and [merchandising as a group] gives them a green light to mix and match.”

Scainetti acknowledged that capturing new customers on the Web can be tricky, but the new approach is proving to be successful. The company will also be working the new collection bundles into their wholesale division. The line is available in stores across the U.S. and overseas. In addition to its online store, Satya Jewelry currently operates four retail locations in New York, one in London and a pop-up location in Short Hills, New Jersey. And, said Scainetti, the company is also eyeing an L.A. outpost in the near future.

Satya gold bangle cuff

Satya Jewelry Gold Bangle Cuff

There are five Get This Look mini collections, which range from $598 for the carnelian collection to $798 for the silver and up to $1,199 for gold. OM-My-God Alert: Don’t be put off by some of the names of the collections (Positive Protection Carnelian, for starters), if you don’t fancy yourself an earth goddess. The pieces are pretty and versatile enough to work with any vibe and setting, from Bohemian to board room. (The Satya Gold Bangle Cuff is a chic wardrobe addition that we are lusting after.)

And not to worry if you don’t want to drop that much on accessories. Satya Jewelry pieces start at about $78. Sales under $200 have been the company’s sweet spot, perfect with holidays around the corner.

For spring 2011, Satya is going bigger and bolder, said Scainetti.

“Our customer is ready to step out and wear bigger bracelets and bolder colors,” she said.

So are we! While we may not have figured out exactly how to seize the day, we won’t waste any time plucking some gorgeous pieces from the Satya Jewelry collection.

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