Top 20 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

If your favorite style blogger isn’t crafting a new post or shooting their latest purchases, chances are they’ve got their thumbs in a tangle composing their next tweet. You visit their blogs for the meaty posts but for up-to-the-minute updates (and their day-to-day musings), there’s no better way to keep up than to follow their digital chirps. Here are our picks for the 20 must-follow fashion bloggers.

The Coveteur

The Coveteur

1. The Coveteur

Blog: the Coveteur

Twitter handle: @thecoveteur

Founded by the power pair of designer Erin Kleinberg and stylist Stephanie Mark, the Coveteur has profiled some of the biggest names in the fashion world. Designers, models, editors, photographers, stylists — they’ve all had their closets snapped for the blog. One common thread throughout all the profiles? Fashion folk love fashion.

Memorable tweet: “Our iPhones are safe & sound in their Céline ‘beds.'”

Mary Portas

Mary Portas

2. Mary Portas

Blog: Mary Portas

Twitter handle: @maryportas

Known as the Queen of Shops, this Brit star has a TV show where she infiltrates the UK’s top stores as a secret shopper/ She’s also got collabs with big names such as House of Fraser and a regular column in the Telegraph.

Memorable tweet: “When England scored 3rd goal my 18 y o son (in basement with 10 mates drinking beers) jumped up + down with a full can of Stella #rugSOS”

Who What Wear

Who What Wear

3. Who What Wear

Blog: Who What Wear

Twitter handle: @WhoWhatWear

A must-read for any fan of fashion, Who What Wear keeps its readers up to date on the latest celeb trends. Are stars actually  wearing runway looks off the catwalk? They’ve got photos to prove it can be done. The staff scours the internet for photos, products and more so you can get the look yourself. Join in on one of their Ask a Stylist sessions for solutions to all of your style questions.

Memorable tweet: “Batman & Spider-Man’s cool gadgets have nothing on these chic comic-inspired pieces from @GstarRaw @ModCloth + more!”

Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist

Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist

4. Scott Schumann

Blog: The Sartorialist

Twitter handle: @sartorialist

The granddaddy of street style, Scott Schmann has been shooting the fashion set for years now. His street snaps earned him a monthly feature in GQ, invites to just about every fashion show in the world and put in him contact with Garance Dore, his fiancée. It’s a real-life fashion fairy tale.

Memorable tweet: “Today feels like waking up with a warm cappuccino on a cool October morning….too bad it’s actually July in Paris!”

Tavi Gevinson, the Style Rookie

Tavi Gevinson, the Style Rookie

5. Tavi Gevinson

Blog: The Style Rookie

Twitter handle: @tavitulle

Literally one of the youngest of the bunch, Tavi’s proven herself to be an old soul. Grey hair? She’s had it. Granny chic? She’s a proud believer in its power. But given her small stature, she’s accomplished more than most bloggers have in their entire careers. She’s started an online magazine that’s drawn contributors such as John Hamm and Sarah Silverman, she’s attended couture shows and throughout it all, she’s managed to stay true to herself.

Memorable tweet: “Having trouble getting things done lately; keep getting distracted by the fact that there was ever a band called Chumbawumba”

Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller

Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller

6. Leandra Medine

Blog: Man Repeller

Twitter handle: @manrepeller

Sometimes, fashion is head-scratching and sometimes, it’s man repelling. Medine prides herself on her ability to take even the sexiest outfits and make them repellent to the male species. Her over-the-top styling and distinctive voice have given readers an inside look at the fashion world as well as alternative ways to style even the simplest closet staples. Bring on the arm parties, Manstagrams and more, Leandra.

Memorable tweet: “Is ‘I would totally repin you,’ now a socially acceptable compliment?”

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

7. Rumi Neely

Blog: Fashion Toast

Twitter handle: @rumineely

Neely loves soft focus photography and being lit by bright sunlight. Her personal style photos have earned her a place on the Now Manifest, which puts her in the company of Bryan Boy, Anna Dello Russo and Derek Blasberg.

Memorable tweet: “Always trying and failing to strike that balance between ditzy and robotic in work emails”

Derek Blasberg

Derek Blasberg

8. Derek Blasberg

Blog: Mr. Blasberg

Twitter handle: @derekblasberg

Classy author and Harper’s Bazaar contributor profiles fashion icons on his own blog, Mr. Blasberg (there’s also a little self-promotion, but we don’t mind seeing photos from Blasberg’s last Western-themed birthday party). We love his insider access and appearances by his famous friends (Nate Berkus, Marc Jacobs, Karlie Kloss, P’Trique, various dachshunds), but more than anything, we love how Blasberg always keeps it classy.

Memorable tweet: “The Olympic event that I’m looking forward to: the British model walk off with Kate, Naomi, Stella, Lily, Georgia etc. When is that again?”

Bryan Boy

Bryan Boy

9. Bryan Boy

Blog: Bryan Boy

Twitter handle: @bryanboy

Marc Jacobs’ BFF and irreverent blogger Bryan Boy not only snagged a one-of-a-kind bag from MJ himself, he’s often spotted front row at Fashion Week and Tyra has chosen him as one of the new judges for America’s Next Top Model. We’re sure he’s smizing behind his signature shades.

Memorable tweet: “Omg they don’t even have paved roads”

Daily Candy

Daily Candy

10. Daily Candy

Blog: Daily Candy

Twitter handle: @dailycandy

Everyone’s favorite E-mail newsletter has a blog, too. While they’ll fill your inbox with the latest openings in your area, they’ve filled their blog with must-haves for summer picnics, seasonal soiree ideas and beauty faves from niche brands and established names alike. As always, their über cute illustrations accompany each and every page.

Memorable tweet: anything with a percentage sign. We love their spur of the moment deals and discounts.

Garance Dore

Garance Dore

11. Garance Dore

Blog: Garance Dore

Twitter handle: @garancedore

Francophile meets fashionphile in one tall package. Dore made her name by illustrating her blog posts (though those posts are becoming more of a rarity these days) of her favorite pieces or street style subjects, which gained her a cult-like readership. Comparisons to Sofia Coppola soon followed and now she’s one-half of fashion’s It-couple and also has a collab with Kate Spade that just debuted in stores. (See Scott Schumann above).

Memorable tweet: “Showing @thesartorialist [sic] the place where I grew up, Girolata. It’s wild, and hot, and beautiful, and I misse”

Dan Trepanier of the Style Blogger

Dan Trepanier of the Style Blogger

12. Dan Trepanier

Blog: The Style Blogger

Twitter handle: @thestyleblogger

At the forefront of the #menswear world, Dan Trepanier sets his blog apart by posting things that actually help guys out. Instead of vamping for the camera and his ego, his how-to guides give guys a reason to visit their tailors and embrace a more well-fitting wardrobe.

Memorable tweet: “So many people stuck in so many boxes.”

Nola Weinstein of

Nola Weinstein of

13. Nola Weinstein


Twitter handle: @onglamfashion

The editorial director of the Glam network, Weinstein has access to the best of all of the collections and in-roads with just about every blogger out there worth his or her salt. In short, she’s the gal behind the blogs you read and love.

Memorable tweet: “Black iPad vs. White iPad–Which do You Think is Chicer? Discuss…”

Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes

Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes

14. Jane Aldridge

Blog: Sea of Shoes

Twitter handle: @sea_of_shoes

Flame-red hair, crimson lips and a plastic dino — those are Sea of Shoes signatures. Aldridge got her start photographing her just-off-the-runway shoes, but built a legion of fans thanks to her quirky style, love of vintage and her covetable wardrobe. The Texas native has gotten some backlash thanks to a recent article, but throughout it all, her style’s stayed unflappable.

Memorable tweet: “Christian Grey knows how to braid hair AND prefers white wine? I’m sorry…”

The Platform

The Platform

15. The Platform

YouTube channel: the Platform

Twitter handle: @theplatformYT

Don’t dismiss it as another YouTube channel that’ll teach you a smoky eye or how to wear a high-low top. Instead, it’s the channel that launched P’Trique. The fashion darling made his (her?) name in “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say,” but cemented his (her?) place in the fashion lexicon with continued commentary on trends and fashion week.

Memorable tweet: “As a celebration of Monday, someone at the office named ‘HR’ started a sexual harassment jar. I’ve already had to put $20 in. Wtf?…”

Tina and Kelly of Bag Snob

Tina and Kelly of Bag Snob

16. Bag Snob

Blog: Bag Snob

Twitter handle: @bagsnob

Hate ’em or love ’em, the duo behind Bag Snob isn’t afraid to let you know if a bag’s got it all or deserves to be tossed. Theri picks get instantly sold through and the bags they can get relegated to the clearance bin. Totes, clutches, It-bags and the flavor of the week all get the Bag Snob treatment and believe it or not, designers actually listen. The duo teamed with DKNY for a capsule collection that flew off the shelves.

Memorable tweet: “I love working w/Americans. Direct&to the point. Was frustrating dealing w/the Chinese,everyone trying to be polite yet nothing gets done.”

Aimee Song of Song of Style

Aimee Song of Song of Style

17. Aimee Song

Blog: Song of Style

Twitter handle: @aimeesong

Interior design blog turned personal style blog Song of Style is one of the internet’s most popular blogs. It’s no surprise that brands like BarIII and Luisa via Roma have tapped her personal style for projects. Mixing high, low and more, she’s shown that interiors and fashion have more in common than most people think.

Memorable tweet: “I can’t sit properly since I fell on my right side when I was skateboarding. Not sure how I’m going to handle a 11 hour plane ride to Brazil”

Courtney Kerr

Courtney Kerr of What Courtney Wore

18. Courtney Kerr

Blog: What Courtney Wore

Twitter handle: @thecourtneykerr

One of the stars of Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas, Courtney Kerr wasn’t just the resident Southern belle — she had style to spare in a city known for lavish spending and big hair (it’s Texas, after all). She (and her coterie of friends) document their style and the latest trends on Kerr’s blog.

Memorable tweet: “Y’all, its a good day. Like, its a really, really, good day.”

Wendy Nguyen of Wendy's Lookbook

Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook

19. Wendy Nguyen

Blog: Wendy’s Lookbook

Twitter handle: @wendynguyen

Pre-blogging, Nguyen studied psychology at Berkeley and when she’s not photographing her latest acquisitions, she volunteers at InsideOutWriters, an org that works with previously incarcerated youth. The smarts to back the style? Sure, it’s rare, but Nguyen’s photos and stellar style show that it’s one combo that never goes out of style.

Memorable tweet: “*Virtual hugs*!!!”

Anh of 9to5 Chic

Anh of 9to5 Chic

20. Anh

Blog: 9to5 Chic

Twitter handle: @9to5chic

San Francisco native Anh shows working girls that style and a 9-5 job fit together like mixed metals. Her classic style doesn’t just navigate the corporate world, she’s always up for after-hours fun, too. While her expertise lies in the office-appropriate, her readers come back for her twists on classics and her ability to embrace the latest trends without getting a warning from HT.

Memorable tweet: “A classic (and reliable) look for the office.”

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