Top Three Fashion Apps For The Fashion Obsessed

Tech has been working its way into the world of fashion. Men’s messenger bags are shrinking to fit iPads, women are carrying clutches just for their tablets and the flash from an iPhone is just as likely to snap a model as a professional photog at the end of a runway. With so many apps crowding the Apple iTunes store, we’ve whittled it down to the essentials — whether you want a daily digest of fashion’s headlines or you want to go behind the scenes during New York fashion week, yes, there’s an app for that.

Best All Around:

Fit to print: The fashion Web site is a must-visit for any follower of fashion, and the app that coincides with the site is equally essential. It takes all the great content that is known for and puts it at your fingertips.  You get instantaneous slideshows straight from the runways, with every look. And one swipe of your fingers will give readers features from the Web site, such as party photos, looks of the day and entries from their Style File blog.

Get a load of this: One drawback: It takes forever to load content, so you’ll be staring at spinning wheels longer than the latest from Dolce & Gabbana. They’re also low on content when it’s not fashion week and they haven’t integrated the popular Beauty Counter blog.

Press play: During fashion week, the app has got enough videos to make you feel like you’re sitting front row — only the footage on this app is even better because there’s no waiting in line and you won’t get stuck sitting behind Anna Dello Russo’s latest millinery creation.

Ralph Lauren Collection

Ralph Lauren Collection

Best Fashion App: Ralph Lauren Collection

It’s a small world: With a brand that has something for everyone, it’s surprising that the Ralph Lauren Collection app shrinks it all down into a palm-sized serving. Not only do they have the high fashion of RL collection, there’s material for RLX, the brand’s sports and golf collection as well as Polo.

Backstage confidential: This app lets you peek behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. Watch as models get coiffed and rouged before stepping out onto the runway. Though we know from experience that it’s more chaotic than chic, the app lets you see it without the overpowering scent of Elnett hairspray and deafening sound of assistants pushing racks.

History channels: With so much heritage surrounding the Ralph Lauren brand, there are mini-features on the app that let you explore everything from the Ricky Bag (named for Ralph’s wife) and the fine jewelry collection. A few taps is all you’ll need to sound like an expert.

Tory Daily

Tory Daily

Best Lifestyle App: Tory Daily

Burch box: Burch uses the app like a blog, Twitter, tumblr and Facebook page all wrapped into one neat, lacquered package. Inside, you can do everything from peek at the latest collection to check in on Tory’s own inspiration. The beautiful photos are magazine worthy and after a few days of reading about Tory’s travels, you’ll come down with a major case of wanderlust.

Friends in high places: Sit in on convos about fashion and motherhood with Christy Turlington Burns, landscaping with Perry Guillot and more. Tory’s friends — she refers to them as “experts” — are a chic motley crew that you’ll draw from when you get dressed or dress your home.

In the stars: We didn’t know this, but Tory loves astrology. Burch’s BFF, Susie Cox, deciphers the heavens and points you in the right direction when you check out your horoscope.



Best Shopping App: Sephora

Finger paint: Need to make a waiting room a little more fun? Try on various polishes using Sephora’s app, which also gives you insight to the Sephora team’s latest obsessions.

Extra, extra: The Sephora Web site has weekly specials, but when you fire up the app, you’ll get exclusive mobile-only offers such as samples, promotional pricing and access to products before they’re released to everyone else, even Sephora Beauty Insiders.

GPS, Global Position Shopping: Our favorite part of the app? After you’ve chosen a few products to pick up, the app will tell you which Sephora stores have the items in stock so you can go play with them in real life before you make your purchase. It’s also incentive to check out a few other items while you’re in-store.

Photos courtesy Apple and Sephora


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