1,001 Things To Buy Before I Die: #1 Moynat Luggage

So little time. So many things to buy.

We constantly make notes about things we wish to do and places we wish to see. And if you’re a fashion fanatic, it’s a list or inspiration board of items you want in your hot little hands. They might be things that inspire you, that incite feelings of lust, envy and a touch of greed. They might be attainable or utterly aspirational or, hopefully, a bit of both.

Where once these lustful lists were cobbled together on rumpled paper and notebooks or good, old-fashioned bulletin board, they are now brought to life in full color on digital boards, from Polyvore sets to Pinterest boards. And now, something that many of us have always done, in one way or another, is suddenly a hot trend thanks to the likes of these social media platforms which have made sharing your coveted items with the world, de rigueur.

Regardless of your method, chances are you have a running list somewhere — even if only in your head. There are plenty of fashion books that tell you what should buy: the perfect little black dress, a good trench coat, a nice handbag, a luxurious watch. Yah, yah, blah, blah, blah. Blech. I hate shoulds! Indeed, those items might be important building blocks and investment pieces of a classic wardrobe (and I encourage that kind of shopping, too), but this list has nothing to do with ‘shoulds’ and everything to do with pure, unadulterated joy, fantasy and frivolity.

These are the items that inspire me. Some are affordable. Some fall into the cheap-chic category. And some are utterly outrageous! I might be able to go out and buy it right now, or it might be something that my jet-setting self — the one that uses holiday as a verb and soaks in the sunshine aboard Roberto Cavalli’s yacht — would purchase.

Here it is. Love it. Hate it. Add the items to your own list. Fantasize about it. Or head straight out the door for retail therapy. And do let me know if it’s on your lust list, too, or if you have anything that you think should be on mine.


Category: Utterly Impractical Luggage Moynat Limousine Luggage

Item: Moynat Limousine Suitcases

Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley travels like it’s 1899 — with a bevy of custom LV steamer trunks to hold everything from shoes and clothes to accessories. This kind of travel also necessitates a bevy of luggage-toting sherpas as well, but I’m still smitten with the utterly impractical nod to a golden age of travel. (click here for other luxurious options)

I dipped my toe in the water of impracticality years ago when I purchased a large LV duffle that I had monogrammed. Beautiful? Yes. Useful? No. Let’s just say that the romantic image I had in my head evaporated quickly as I was huffing and puffing through airports with this beast of a bag bouncing on my hip as I tried desperately to adjust the most uncomfortable strap on my shoulder. It seemed that the addition of clothes to the bag rendered it, well, useless. Afraid of herniating a disk, I retired it for plane travel and decided it was suited only for car travel — or travels with Sherpa.

One would assume I was done. Nope. Not even close. Enter the Limousine Suitcase from venerable luxury leather house, Moynat, lust #1 on my 1,001 Things To Buy Before I Die list.

The malletier (trunk maker) founded in 1849 by Pauline Moynat — before its luxurious brethren of Louis Vuitton and Goyard — was recently resurrected and re-launched with a gorgeous Parisian flagship by LVMH CEO, Bernard Arnault, after it shuttered its doors in the 1970s.

In its heydey, Moynat was known for cutting-edge innovations in travel, which included lightweight steamer trunks, train cases and then, when automobiles were developed, specially contoured suitcases shaped to fit the roof of one’s car (and keep them from getting too wet when placed on the ground).

While we may not be driving around with luggage atop our vehicles now, current Moynat designer Ramesh Nair (formerly an Hermès bag designer) spent many hours combing the brand’s archives and scooping up old luggage on eBay, which inspired him to incorporate many of the brand’s signature touches, including the curved suitcase. (p.s. Karl Lagerfeld is one of the brand’s biggest fans.)

If losing packing space due to the curvature bothers you, this piece is definitely not your bag, pardon the pun. And, with an average price of €3,500, hand constructed heritage does not come cheap. You’ll also have to figure in airplane travel, as the bags are currently only available at the exclusive boutique at 24, rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Photos courtesy Moynat

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