Fall Fashion Trends: Top Five Trends HR Will Hate (But We Love)

Gray ribbed cotton thigh-highs available at Stockin Girl

We’re loving the excitement and newness this fall. The looks are luxe, layered, ladylike, full of texture and also unabashed sexiness. The palette is rich and there’s so much room to play — and tons of room for error, particularly when it comes to wearing some of fall’s hottest trends at the office.

So Fashion Trends Daily has created a guide to navigating fall’s hottest trends at work, for those of us who can’t indulge their inner Carrie Bradshaw every day:

The Trend: Thigh-high stockings
The Naughty: This fall designers have been styling the stockings with shorter hemlines so you can see the full stocking. We love the “Belle du Jour” sexiness. But unless you plan on making some extra cash the same way Catherine Deneuve did in the famous French film or having $20s slipped into them, don’t rock this look at the office or at important meetings.
The Nice: Wear instead with a skirt or dress long enough to cover up the top. Better

Textured tights at Prada (PHOTO CREDIT: Style.com)

yet, try some of fall’s other hot hosiery trends at the office: textured tights, anklets or knee highs. Some of our faves are from Prada, Bottega Veneta, J. Crew and Wolford.

Christian Louboutin Unique 140 leather boots available at Net-a-Porter

The Trend: Thigh-high boots
The Naughty: Sensing a pattern here? Thigh high is a naughty word at the office, and leads to troubled waters particularly when worn with short skirts or shorts. Keep the sexy swashbuckling look out of the office unless you want to walk the plank to HR.
The Nice: If you are in a creative/fashion-friendly office, wear with leggings, opaque tights, riding pants or jeans.

The Trend: Shorts for fall
The Naughty: We saw a lot of this in Europe this summer, particularly over pantyhose and leggings. Some chic, some…

Don't try this look at the office

not-so-much. Remember: Denim cut-offs only work if the boss you are talking about happens to have the last name of Hog or if your job requires you to wear a shirt that has an owl on it with two REALLY big eyes.

The Nice: This can be a very chic trend when done right. Tailored shorts worn with a T-shirt and fabulous blazer is a do. Wear with opaque tights when the weather gets cooler. Save the funkier denim short/legging-tights look for weekends.

The Trend: Short hemline

Short hemlines at the Pucci Fall 2010 show. (PHOTO CREDIT: Style.com)

The Naughty: Short falls into the same slippery category as the term “thigh high.” We do love short skirts and dresses. And if you happen to have a trainer named Tracy Anderson, a cute daughter named after a fruit, are BFFs with Madonna and make frequent red-carpet appearances, then please ignore us completely and wear away, sister! But if that is not you (and you know who you are), use extreme caution at the office. This is not (we repeat, NOT) a new take on the Casual Friday look.
The Nice: You don’t have to be a schoolmarm. Above the knee works well with fall’s fun opaque stockings — not, as mentioned above, with the thigh highs. Pair it with a cashmere turtleneck sweater or top that balances out the shorter hem of the skirt. Just remember that short has its limits at the office. For weekends, have at it if you’ve got the gams to rock the look.

Bodysuits were big news at the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 show (PHOTO CREDIT: Style.com)

The Trend: No Pants at all
The Naughty: Do we really have to explain ourselves here? The bodysuit trend is perfect on the runways, on Lady GaGa and worn for extreme clubbing. But it’s a touch distracting at the water cooler.
The Nice: Body suits are perfect under this season’s jackets and full skirts, and look beautifully streamlined. Just be sure you actually put something other than a jacket over them.

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Author:Fashion Trends Daily Contributor