Fancy A Souvenir of The Royal Nuptials? They’re On Sale Now…

The royal wedding may be over, but royal Kitsch is still going strong. And now, many of your favorite items are on sale.

Friday’s event was a visual feast, not just for the wedding itself but for the throngs of, how shall we say…enthusiastic.. well-wishers dressed in everything from matching Kate (now Catherine) & William engagement garb to painted Union Jack faces, shirts and Spice Girl-style dresses gone horribly wrong. (Was it ever right?)

Royal engagement ring

While we were absolutely thrilled that the Duchess of Cambridge started off her royal life in high fashion by choosing Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton to design her wedding dress, we were equally smitten with all the low-brow, kitschy souvenirs that were created to mark the event. On the day of the wedding, a BBC reporter sat down with some of William's Royal Air Force buddies and they admitted that they might have, on occasion, razzed him about the "odd item or two" that commemorated the wedding, including things such as towels and tea.We found just a few of our own faves, and have some suggestions for you, dear reader, to snap up while they're on sale. It's not too late to get a little keepsake!1. Bling Jewelry Engagement Ring ($59.99)He put a ring on it – and what a ring it was. Originally Princess Diana’s, William proposed with the sapphire stunner after an African holiday. And while we can't imagine why one would want to boast the world’s most recognizable bling, QVC’s version of this sapphire and diamond engagement ring sold out three shipments worth.2. Crown Jewels Condoms (£5.00)Royal rubbers? Believe it. British brand Crown Jewels created a commemorative box for the royal nuptials – and the royal wedding night. The claim: “Combining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be, Crown Jewels condoms promise a royal union of pleasure.” While we question the "royal" heritage, we have to admit that the claim is quite compelling! Yah baby!3. Official Royal Wedding ChinaOne of the only officially approved souvenirs (we expect postage stamps next, condoms never), the Royal Collection china

includes a tankard, plate and pillbox – with all proceeds going to benefit the preservation of royal relics. Boasting real 22-karat gold-and-platinum accents, the China also features royal initials front and center on every piece.

Aynsley dinnerware

For a less official and much more tacky approach to royal dinnerware, try out this set from Aynsley4. Kate Middleton TourFor those who really want to walk in a princess’s shoes, there’s the Kate Middleton

Tour – where tourists, princesses-to-be and royal enthusiasts can see where a young Middleton grew up, including her schools, St. Andrew’s and Marlborough College as well as the church she was christened in. Creepy? A little. A pain in the arse for Bucklebury natives? Definitely!

5. Kate and William T-shirts

If you’re looking to show your excitement by proclaiming it on a T-shirt, there are plenty to

Kate & William Zombie Tee

choose from. A quick eBay search displays everything from traditional tees with the couple’s image – looks like they’re straight from Kate’s Facebook status change from “in a relationship” to “married" – and less traditional ones, including the couple as imagined in zombie form. Zombies and the royal wedding? That kills two trends in one shirt. (See FTD's previous zombie story) 6. Commemorative Coin ($7.80)

The Royal Mint has…um, minted a run of gold coins bearing an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the one side and the couple on the other. While we can see coin collectors snatching these up, we are hard-pressed to think of any friends who actually collect coins. Not to mention that we can’t quite tell if the couple on the coin is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge or some old college friends of ours.

7. HappyLand Royal Wedding Set Royal wedding lego set

Move over Prince Tuesday! If Mr. Rogers was still around, there might be a new family in the land of make believe!  Maybe the makers of this little set thought it’d be cute to see little ones pushing the royal couple down a make believe aisle. But Maybe this is the weirdest thing since the zombie T-shirt. Either way, try wrapping your head around a play set featuring the entire royal family sans Prince Harry. Sorry about that one, ol’ chap.

8. Princess Prep

Princess Prep excursions

This luxury sleep-away camp for princesses in training was started by Miss Jerramy Fine, who fell in love with British culture during college. She takes little princesses to London for horseback riding, a Royal Wedding tour and teaches them all the etiquette and manners expected of a royal-to-be. After the royal engagement, her company, Princess Prep, sold out of spots for the next few trips, meaning a few lucky little ladies might just nab a prince of their own across the pond.9. New Zealand’s Royal Wedding StampThe good news is Kate and William look great on this stamp (which means it’ll probably

never make it into circulation), but the bad news is that a little printing snafu created a line between the two royal lovebirds and seemingly tore them apart before they had even had a chance to marry! But now that they’re happily hitched, it will make a novel keepsake.

10. KK Outlet Royal Plates

If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out. For fans of the

KK Outlet Royal Wedding Plates

cheekier side of this union, these plates from KK Outlet are the perfect things to serve up some Brit wit. Whether you choose the registry plate or the Facebook “like” plate, they’re the perfect way to serve up some fun to even the stiffest upper lips.

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