High Style Rides With Fast Fashion at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Veuve clicquot polo classic in los angeles

In a town where contemporary fashion is king, there aren’t exactly many events that inspire guests to swap out their J Brands to don a hat and trot out their Sunday Best. But at a game dubbed ‘the sport of kings,’ that’s exactly what the famously, casually chic Angelenos will be doing when they attend tomorrow’s Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic.The high-goal, professional match takes place tomorrow at the polo grounds of the Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades, where polo connoisseur Will Rogers used to play polo himself along with Hollywood luminaries such as Clark Gable, Walt Disney and Spencer Tracy.The theme for the event takes its inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s, when polo in Los Angeles was in full swing and Disney and Rogers played. It was the era of cinched waists, bobbed hairstyles,

flappers, long pearl necklaces and Coco Chanel. An era that has been inspiring designers this year and that HBO is bringing back to life with its Prohibition gangster series, “Boardwalk Empire.”

As one might expect at an event such as this, there will be plenty of high glamour and designer influence harkening back to the starlets of yesteryear, while befitting the modern ones. But what is even more notable is that fast fashion — á la Zara, Forever21 and H&M — has also galloped its way into this highbrow event.

Fashion Trends Daily slipped on its jodhpurs (with our Gucci Charlotte riding boots, of course) and went behind the scenes at the Polo Classic where the event’s thoroughbreds of style ponied up some behind-the-scenes tidbits and tips from the VIP event and dished out DIY tips to incorporate these stylish eras into modern-day style.


South Coast Plaza Penthouse Dinner by Brown Hot Events

An event created by Jeff Brown of Brown Hot Events

Stylemaker Number One: Jeff Brown of Brown Hot Events
Pedigree: Brown is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s go-to party planners, and has a reputation for bringing off-the-charts style and creativity to parties, sans any off-the-charts attitude. He’s not only a frequent go-to source for the Moet Hennesy group, but has created show-stopping events to fete everyone from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to Christian Louboutin and other social and fashion luminaries.
Position: Brown is producing the experience both for the general public (free) and the VIP area (invite only), which will host celebs, dignitaries, industry execs and other invited guests.
Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: “We created an outdoor living room-style lounge that is modern-day polo meets the ‘20s and ‘30s.”
Event Deets:
•    Be on the lookout for Vintage cigarette girls who will be milling about the lounge, offering candy cigarettes. (Note: This is one time where it’s OK to take candy from strangers.)
•    Flapper girls will be performing.

Get The Look:
•    If you’re doing your own 1920s party, have everyone come in costume. Or hire a flapper girl.
•    Wow them with the little details.
•    Serve a specialty-theme cocktail.

Stylemaker Number Two: Karen Mann
Pedigree: Hollywood costume designer
Position: Coordinating wardrobe, hair and makeup for all the event staff. Mann, who works on TV shows and commercials, is Brown’s secret weapon for elaborate events with serious style needs.
Straight From The Horse’s Mouth: “It was a really fantastic time to be pulling looks for this period, since so many designers and stores have drawn from it, especially [with the debut of] “Boardwalk Empire,” said Mann. “All the hemlines on the dresses

Boardwalk Empire Fashion

Boardwalk Empire Fashion

and dropped-waist dresses and tops are perfect.”
Fast-fashion Deets:
•    She sourced white piqué polos at H&M. Mann changed the buttons to Veuve Clicquot orange.
•    Men’s trousers in ‘20s, single-pleat style — with suspenders included — were found at Zara.
•    “Forever21 had the most amazing ‘20s-inspired headbands,” said Mann. “We used them as a base for the cigarette girls then added our own details.”
Style Challenges:
•    Competition for the period pieces at key Hollywood wardrobe sources was tough, as Mann was up against stylists who were pulling for the Boardwalk Empire premiere party.
•    Making ’20 style workable for the wait staff: They went with authentic jodhpurs but riding boots were deemed too painful.
Veuve-ing it up:
•    Mann had ascots made in Veuve Clicquot orange.
•    For the tie tacks on the ascots, Mann had Mini Veuve bottles created.
Get The Look:
•    Choose a great blouse with a drop waist or a dolman sleeve in a pretty chiffon.
•    Add a long pearl necklace and knot it. They are everywhere now.
•    Add a headband. It’s a simple, pretty classic look and is perfect with skinny jeans.


Cameron Silver (Photo courtesy of Veuve Clicquot)

Styemaker Number Three: Cameron Silver
Pedigree: The owner of Decades in Los Angeles and London, the much-touted, high-end vintage boutiques with glittering clientele.
Position: Los Angeles Polo Classic style guru. Silver will be dressing some of the notable names at the Polo Classic.
Straight From The Horse’s Mouth:
FTD: Who are some of the people you will be dressing for the Polo Classic?
CS: I never kiss and tell – you’ll have to come on Sunday and see!
FTD: What are some of the pieces you have pulled for it?
CS: Aside from the more traditional drop-waist dresses, I’m hoping my girls will get adventurous with a more androgynous, contemporary look. Think Marlene Dietrich.
FTD: Are you dressing them with ’20s and ’30s inspiration in mind?
CS: I am very inspired by the theme of the event, but also keeping in mind the more casual vibe of L.A. This event is a great reason for us to pull out our Sunday best and really play dress up. Personally, I will be channeling my inner Gatsby on Sunday – [menswear designer] Jay Kos pulled together a great look for me — hat and bowtie included!
FTD: To pony or not to pony….Do you favor the little Ralph Lauren polo guy on polo shirts or the big guy?
CS: Do whatever floats your boat! I tend to be a little more traditional, but fashion is all about expressing yourself and doing whatever makes you feel good. So I say either!
Get The Look:
•    Hats, hats and more hats. Ladies can bring out the big guns with a “My Fair Lady”-inspired headpiece or go L.A. casual with a fedora.
•    Guys, no beanies here. Go Carey Grant and wear a hat with a brim.

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Author:Michelle Dalton Tyree

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