Prom Intervention: From Cliché to Chic

Is it just us or does it seem like prom’s poufy wonder has exploded into the media this year and threatened to engulf us like a giant corsage? It has its own movie, techniques for inviting dates to prom are getting even more elaborate (and making headlines) and prom is big fashion news, including this week’s story of Michigan teen Kayla Staskiewicz, who got to wear Christina Ricci’s Versace Couture Oscar gown (valued at $25,000) to her dance, after her dad entered her in a local television contest to win a chance to wear it. More proof that prom is an early vehicle for one’s 15 minutes of fame.

The high school tradition that is prom is a fashion moment that girls will never forget–or live down–depending on the fashion choice. While there’s nothing wrong with having a mini red carpet moment, we at FTD caution against using prom as an excuse to recreate the royal wedding. So we’ve put together a few prom fashion tips for all the wanna-be queens out there to keep the big night looking closer to chic than to cake-topping confection.

1. From Volume to Va-va-voom

Nix anything resembling a wedding gown. If you have an inclination to say “yes” and begin to weep, step away…slowly. Instead, think flirty party dress not formal frou frou, and opt for a touch of vamp over virginal.

2. From Updo to Undone

Nothing makes you look a decade older than a severe updo. Take a cue from recent red carpet events and relax your locks. Instead of a French twist or a high bun, get a hairdo that won’t also give you a face lift. Or for something fresh and young, try an undone bun or a playful pony.

3. From Tiaras to Chic Toppers

Speaking of hair, only one person should be wearing a tiara at prom: the queen. So don’t even try or you’ll be asking for a Carrie moment. Opt for a sweet headband or some tiny ornaments. Feather ornaments, crystal combs and tiny flowers are all huge on and off the runway, so this is your chance to try something fresh.

4. From French Tips to Parisian Chic

Pink and white tips for prom are as cliché as it gets. Eschew the French mani for something a little more daring like the YSL manicures (which is just as French, right?) that walked the runway this past season. Pairing clashing colors like teal and purple or gold and purple will stand out without being over the top.

5. From Dyed to Match to Daring

A telltale sign of the ghost of prom past: dyed-to-match shoes. Please, don’t kill us like that. Instead,  try a pair of metallic skyscrapers. They’ll match no matter what the hue of your frock and you’ll actually reach for them again and again.

6. From Corsage to Couture

Forget the flower corsage. They break, they wilt and at the dinner table, they get in the way. Why not go all out and try a jeweled corsage? It will last longer than a few spins on the dance floor and will catch the light (and the eyes of jealous promgoers) like no fresh flowers can.

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Author:Fashion Trends Daily Staff

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