Ring in New Year’s Brunch “Californians” Style with SoLA

The Californians

There are California-based brands — and then there are brands that are ALL about California. Enter SoLA (Sisters of Los Angeles), the lifestyle brand that is both headquartered in Los Angeles and celebrates everything California with its chic, city-pride pieces — from glass tumblers with the numbers of California’s much-bemoaned freeways printed on them (10, 101, 405 etc.) to beach towels, candles, pencils, totes, playing cards and so much more!

The brand, started in 2012 by former fashion/lifestyle publicist Sara Stein, is near and dear to my heart, but not just because I live in LA, love my city and find SoLA’s products so damn fun to gift and to get! Stein is a long-time friend who also happened to be my former publicist after I left Women’s Wear Daily to open Iconology, the LA-based luxury boutique I once ran along with my sister. (May it rest in peace.)

The concept got its start after Stein concluded that there was a dearth of stylish Los Angeles-inspired pieces. OK, let’s be honest, most of it was downright cheesy. So, she enlisted the help of Barbara Bestor, celebrated Architect, product development specialist and author of Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake, as well manufacturer’s rep and partner Karen Alweil who both came on board as founding partners. Stein has since grown the company to include city and state collections throughout the U.S., spreading their cheeky and chic city pride from California to the Hamptons!

Coincidentally, the same year SoLA lanched, Saturday Night Live also debuted their hilarious and much-referenced recurring sketch “The Californians,” which parodied a soap opera and featured characters with nearly incoherent Valley-girl accents giving descriptions of all the highways they take to get around California. Uh, basically the everyday existence of Angelenos.

“SNL’s Californian’s made our uniquely LA freeway talk nationally known, and not just for insiders,” said Stein. “We ship our LA freeway rocks [glasses] all over the US and it makes me so ‘like totally’ happy.”

With the SNL skit serving as inspiration and SoLA’s perfect product pairings, I created my own Fashion Trends Daily Californians Holiday Brunch. And I couldn’t wait to share the details on how to throw your “Californians”-inspired New Year’s brunch (or any time) no matter what coast you’re on! (Valley Girl accent not included.)

And to make it even more fun, we have a special sunny SoLA shopping code and discount of 25% off just for Fashion Trends Daily readers, so you can host your own city version.

Like, OMG, just take the 10 to the 405 and then go to www.sistersoflosangeles.com and put in code FTDHOLIDAY at check out!

Start with The Golden State Guest Book

I’m all for bringing back the guest book, and what better way to do it than SoLA’s chic So Famous Autograph book! Everyone’s someone in our book!

SoLA_Golden State So Famous Autograph Book

Our guests, posing as Valley Girls, really got into “The Californians” spirit when they signed the guest book! (See below)

SoLA Golden State SO Famous Autograph Book


We went for a colorful vibe and used the California candle and Heart candle to match our glass Love plates, but for New Year’s we also adore the white-and-gold All That Glitters and Heart of Gold candles. (The FTD office is a study in white and gold.)

SoLA California and heart candles

SoLA Heart of Gold candles


The guests went crazy for the SoLA Rocks freeway glasses that we used to serve juice and mimosas! They got to get their “Californians” on in a big way and choose their “favorite” or most-maddening highway from the 10 to the 101 to the 405 and more!

"Californians" inspired brunch with SoLA Rocks Freeway glasses

Our youngest resident holiday elf happily squeezed all the oranges for the juice and mimosas.

fresh OJ at the Fashion Trends Daily Californians brunch

Table Setting

I use my favorite glass Love plates any chance I can get. Sadly, I recently found out that the contemporary German-made line has been discontinued, but I happily take them out because the colors are ridiculously fun. For an unexpected twist on napkins, we used the LA Blueprint Bandanas in red.

LA City Pride table setting with SoLA glasses and bandana


Brunch is my jam. And also includes lots of jam – with my scones, that is. I have signature dishes that I love to serve because they are easy to prepare but make a big impact, and let you actually have fun with your guests!

My classic brunch menu:

  • Classic cream scones with jam and lemon curd
  • Chili baked egg dish
  • Fresh Berry bowl
  • Lox platter & bagels
  • Mimosas a plenty!

Lox Platter

BONUS: The LA Blueprint Bandanas are also perfect to use to line bread/bagel baskets!

SoLA LA Blueprint Bandana


Guest Gifts

bluebandanaEach guest took take home their favorite Rocks freeway glass and an LA Blueprint Bandana. Don’t worry: NOT the actual ones they used as napkins!

And if you’re doing it in true “Californians” style, remember to decorate your mirror, so you can all freeze in front of it with dramatic poses!

And don’t forget to use your code and discount of 25% off just for Fashion Trends Daily readers! Go to www.sistersoflosangeles.com and put in code FTDHOLIDAY at check out!

All Photos (except for gold candles) Michelle Dalton Tyree

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