Suit Yourself: Skimpy Suits Not Made For Swimming

Was it heat stroke or a stroke of genius when these maillots went from the sketch board into production? Whichever it was, we’re left scratching our heads when we see suits that aren’t meant to get wet and that will leave you with regrettable tan lines for the rest of the summer. While they’re stunning to look at, we definitely won’t be boogie boarding in them this summer!

Herve Leger  Peach Cutout Halter Swimsuit ($890)

Herve Leger caused a fuss when a suit similar to this one appeared on Net-a-Porter bearing a warning that said “not designed for swimming.” Actresses practically pour themselves into the brand’s figure-hugging dresses, but these are even touch more challenging. We can’t think of a sexier way to lay out, but we’d stick to the shade and stay far away from the pool with this stunner.

Michael Kors Lace-Up Swimsuit ($230)

At first glance this suit isn’t merely a showpiece, but the mullet-esque party in the back screams nocturnal poolside parties rather than sunny revelry (unless, of course, a latticework tanline pattern is what you’re going for). And while you could cover it up with a caftan – one of Kors’ signature looks – wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose of buying such a sexy suit?

Missoni Polynesia Reversible Bikini ($368)

While there’s no clear warning on this suit that says it can’t take a little bit of sea spray, the signature Missoni viscose is dry clean only. And if care instructions point to delicacy, we’re guessing this suit can’t take much more than the condensation dripping off your mai tai.

Paris Hilton’s Beach Ensemble

While she’s no fashion plate, there’s not much fashion happening here in Hilton’s eye-catching suit. A fusion of sci-fi and stripper, bondage and “beam me up, Scottie,” this bathing suit’s got too much going on for something that utilizes so little actual fabric.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.