Sweet Happenings at Only Hearts

If you find yourself in Santa Monica this afternoon feeling snack-y, stop by lingerie boutique Only Hearts (the obvious choice for a snack, right?), where they’ve teamed with Snackwell’s for a Fashion & Fudge Fix.

Snackwell's Only Hearts evite

We admit, we scratched our heads at first when hearing about this pairing. Of course, we couldn’t think of a better combo than sweet bites and Only Hearts’ adorable skivvies, but we were still quite curious about how this pairing came to be. As we did a little poking around, we’ve come to the conclusion that’s it’s quite a genius little cross-promotional campaign. New York Times ran an article last month about parent-company Kraft’s relaunch of the lower-fat SnackWell’s line targeted at weight-conscious women who are concerned with portion control. The paper reported that when the SnackWell’s line initially launched in 1992 it was so popular that there were shortages, but a few years later newer, sexier low-fat lines edged out the brand and sales took a nosedive.

But it’s back with a sexy campaign, complete with ads in women’s fashion magazines and cute events such as this one. Not only will you get to try on the pretty little things at the Only Hearts boutique, you’ll be able to enjoy the new fudge-drizzled caramel popcorn from SnackWell’s. The obvious message is this: You can still look fabulous in your underpinnings after Snackwell’s, 130-calorie, 3 grams-of-fat treat. And, if you’re still looking hot in those Only Hearts boy shorts after, say, a few bags of Snackwell’s, 130-calorie popcorn then they’re most definitely a keeper!

Only Hearts

Like Snackwell’s, the beloved, New-York-based lingerie line has expanded as well and now includes leggings and tops along with its youthful, fun lingerie pieces. So for those who fear post-snack remorse, there are flowing pieces that will hide any of your snack sins. To make it a little easier to swallow, they’re even offering a 20% off incentive today — as if you needed one when the camis and slips are just as irresistible as the Snackwell’s popcorn.

Not to worry if you can’t make it today: SnackWell’s is at a grocery store near you, and the Only Hearts Annual Sidewalk Sale starts this Friday, May 20 — one day earlier than usual! And the amazing deals have arrived just in time for the premiere of the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. C’mon, what wench couldn’t use something skimpy to wear for her pirate? Just be careful: Lace and a hook hand are never a good combo!

Only Hearts is located at 1407 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. Call (310) 393-3088 for more information.

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