The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Fashion’s Collaboration Obsession

When the fashion world gets word of a new collaboration, hearts race and eyes widen, but sometimes the results don’t live up to the hype. For every Lanvin for H&M there’s more than a few noodle scratchers. Read on for some of our faves and a few that just don’t make no sense!


derek lam for ebay

Derek Lam x eBay

The Good: Armchair and one-click shoppers were eager to get their mitts on this exclusive collection of 16 original pieces designed by Lam just for eBay. The collection, which launched during this past New York Fashion Week, featured spring/summer 2011 dresses, and was billed as the first-ever, crowd sourced collection.

The Bad: Bidding wars and broken hearts. You know how eBay goes.

The Ugly: How meta is this? Reselling on eBay when eBay was the original source? It makes our head spin.


Lady Gaga for MAC Viva Glam

Lady Gaga x Mac Viva GlamThe Good: All proceeds from Viva Glam lipstick go to the MAC AIDS fund, helping men, women and children affected by HIV and AIDS.The Bad: Available only for one year, the shade is a goner once March 2012 comes around.The Ugly: looking like you’ve freshly emerged from an egg. We love nudes, but the right one can be tricky to find. Seek help from a MAC artist (without a poker face) to make sure it's the right one for you.M. Williamson x BulgariThe Good: Matthew Williamson adds punches of color and kaleidoscopic patterns to this handbag line. The geometric shapes and bold colors make them perfect summer go-tos.The Bad: Price. These babies won't come cheap.The Ugly: Limited availability. Only sold at select Bulgari stores. You’ll have to stay on your toes if you want to have one of these swinging from your arm.Benefit Cosmetics x Tweezerman

The Good: Tweezerman, the go-to tool for brow taming, teams with Benefit, the brow experts, for perfectly tuned tweezers and more.

The Bad: Overplucking instincts may take over. Make sure to get arched by an expert to keep your maintenance minimal.

The Ugly: With the cute pastel colors, we’d watch who you let borrow these. Your besties might just want to keep them for themselves!

malandrino for lacoste

Catherine Malandrino x LacosteThe Good: Easy, breezy pieces that blend Euro-chic with a sporty aesthetic that’ll have you reaching for these pieces all year ‘round.The Bad: No boys allowed. This cute collab is just for the ladies.The Ugly: A one-off collection of great pieces will leave you wanting more, but it doesn’t look like Malandrino is going for an encore.TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN...Holmes & Yang x Carolina HererraThe Good: Simple bags in every size you can imagine, designed by Katie Holmes, Jeanne Yang and Carolina Hererra.The Bad: The mouthful of a collaborative team designing a collaborative bag with a great designer.The Ugly: The charms. Why mar a good bag with tchotchkes? Gucci x Fiat 500 by GucciThe Good: We’re reaching....good fuel economy, maybe?The Bad: '90s logomania is back!The Ugly: Limited edition and limited capacity. We don’t think you’ll be fitting many Italian supermodels in this tiny ride.

The Row x TOMS Shoes

The Good: Toms one-for-one charity.

The Bad: Cashmere shoes for the big city?

The Ugly: The last time we saw an Olsen in flat shoes was when there was a unicorn in our backyard.


OPI x Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger TidesThe Good: The debut of OPI’s silver shatter polish.The Bad: No pirate’s gold? No blood red? Hmmm...We have yet to meet a pirate who wears pastels. Love you OPI, but this one may have to walk the plank!The Ugly: We doubt Depp will be wearing any of these Easter-ready shades in the movie.

Cynthia Rowley x Pampers Cruisers 

The Good: Start them off early!

The Bad: The ultimate in disposable fashion.

The Ugly: No explanation necessary.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.