A Fortune in Footwear at Fendi: “Shoe Readings” From Celebrated Psychic Stacey Wolf

Wait…hold on…Fashion Trends Daily is getting a message from beyond for the ladies of Houston, Orange County and Beverly Hills, wait for it…buffering…here it is: Get thee to a Fendi boutique and buy shoes, lots of shoes, many beautiful shoes.

For three days next week, Fendi is flying Cosmopolitan magazine astrologer and celebrated psychic Stacey Wolf to do “shoe and style readings” at private events for Fendi customers at the boutiques in the Houston Galleria, South Coast Plaza in Orange County and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Psychic and Astrologer Stacey Wolf

Psychic and Astrologer Stacey Wolf

The invitation-only events will feature five to 10-minute “style” readings with Wolf, and focus primarily on footwear.

A Fendi spokeswoman said that it isn’t a hard, sales-driven event, but rather more of a “fun, girls’ night out with cocktails.” But lie to us for all we care! We think it’s pure genius. Do you know how long we’ve been waiting for someone to actually give us permission to shop — and at Fendi, no less?!

We can hardly wait to hear our fashion future.

“I get someone’s name, I look at their shoes and we have a really authentic moment,” said Wolf from her home in New York. “I

Fendi Shoe reading

talk about their style, how they like to dress, what their closet looks like.”

Whoa…now there’s something we hadn’t quite planned on: Wolf can “see” into our closet, too?! So we’re pretty sure that she will also predict for us a session with California Closets, but we’ll do our fall organizing this weekend anyhow just to make things a bit less cluttered when she’s “poking around” in there.

She must have sensed our panic. “And then I will guess their favorite shoe in the store and what I think they need from the collection,” Wolf added. Phew. Now that’s more like it.

Wolf, who made her first prediction at the age of three when she announced to her stunned parents that her nursery school teacher had broken her arm during the night, has not made many public appearances in the past several years.
She has, however, been hard at work on the big January astrology issue of Cosmo, which features a pull-out booklet for the year ahead written by her. And she seems as giddy about these events as Fendi fans will be.

“I am super excited, I love these events. I love the Fendi aesthetic,” said Wolf. “The customers are great and there’s nothing more fun than talking shoes.”

But is it all fun and games?

“I do say things sometimes that are very direct,” offered Wolf. “If I feel that someone could use a style shift or their own coming out, or if I feel there’s something I can help somebody with I tell them.”

Hopefully, that does not include telling us that we need to nip our naughty shoe habit in the bud.

Wolf confessed to being more of a Loehmann’s shopper herself but said, “One of the exciting things about this is that I now have a pair of Fendi shoes!”

We predict a lot more in her future — and hopefully ours, too!

The invitation-only event will be at the Houston Galleria October 12; South Coast Plaza October 13; and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on October 14. For more information, call the individual Fendi boutiques.

For more information on Stacey Wolf, go to www.staceywolf.com

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Author:Michelle Dalton Tyree

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