Monday Muse: A.L.C. Goes From The Ground Up With A New Nike Collab

ALC spring 2018

A.L.C. spring 2018

After styling her looks season after season with Nike’s now-iconic Cortez sneakers, A.L.C.’s Andrea Lieberman finally teamed up with the sportswear giant for her own riff on the retro kicks. Instead of the standard red, white, and blue options, A.L.C.’s Cortez sneakers are done up in soft pink, charcoal, and ivory. Plus, the come with extra-long laces that are meant to wrap around the ankle, adding a bit of balletic edge to the streetwear staple. And as for the clothes, Lieberman dressed her girls from the ground up, taking inspiration from the sneakers and building outfits around them, often to spectacular results. A.L.C. doesn’t get much attention, but it’s a retail powerhouse. With celebrity fans like Gwen Stefani, it’s not surprising, but looking beyond the star power reveals Lieberman’s ability to catch onto the zeitgeist. Athleisure isn’t a trend so much as a standby, but it’s tough to stand out in that crowd. A.L.C.’s double-waistband pants in a flowy, airy lamé may change does just that. Paired with a super-soft T-shirt and a fatigue parka, it’s a look that’ll get heads turning no matter the situation.

“I wanted the Cortez by A.L.C. to be an elevated option for the modern woman,” Lieberman said. “A sneaker that could fit seamlessly into our wardrobes and our lives”

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ALC spring 2018

A.L.C. spring 2018

And for the brand’s loyalists, there were more prints an plenty of scene-stealing dresses. Each look was paired with Nike shoes, be it the shower slide or the new Cortez options, proving that adding some sportif touches to even the most femme looks make for a combination that just works. Major trends involved a floral, new riffs on one-shoulder dressing, and the surprising addition of marigold. It was a little ’70s, a touch ’80s, and very 2018. A.L.C.’s clothes may not have the splash of Parisian fashion or big name cerebral designers, but the Lieberman knows what her customer wants to wear and offers it up season after season. Tailoring got relaxed. Pans flowed in the lightest fabrics. Even leather seemed breezy. Let other brands chase trends. Lieberman takes them from the runway right into her customers’ closets. There’s nothing better than brand loyalty for a brand and A.L.C. has it in spades.

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