Monday Muse: The Southwest Clover Canyon Fall 2016

Clover Canyon Fall 2016

Clover Canyon Fall 2016

No neoprene? Say it isn’t so. But yes, Clover Canyon is moving away from the printed scuba material that made it what it is today. Don’t fret, though, because designer Rozae Nichols may be ditching that particular brand signature, but she’s not shying away from prints and punchy shapes. Gone are the days of acid florals and neon plaids, however. Fall saw the mood shift into more dramatic territory and colors becoming deeper and darker. In exploring a new direction for the line, Nichols decided to focus in on something familiar: the Southwest. It’s a place she’s visited (and revisited) often, though you won’t find a single sarape print or Navajo-inspired blanket in sight.

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Instead, there was just mere suggestions of traditional tropes. The colors, for one, drew from the Navajo culture, with reds and black playing a key role throughout the collection, which focused on fabrication and proportion.

Clover Canyon Fall 2016

Clover Canyon Fall 2016

Gone are the structured, sculpted skater silhouettes. In their place, wraparound skirts, blanket coats and more. And because there was no neoprene, in its place was wool, faux fur and printed velvet. It made for a lush, luxe collection. Another unexpected touch? Ultrasuede. The decidedly ’70s material looked more like it harkened back to the 1870s, with printed patterns that made them resemble deer and cow hides. Paired with florals and embellished knits, they looked like a fresh take on the ’70s trend that fashion can’t let go of (and probably won’t ever completely shy away from).

With a collection moves Clover Canyon away from the category of occasion dressing and straight into everyday basics (with a huge twist, it goes without saying), we’re ready to see these pieces in the real world — off of street style bloggers and on the backs of real women everywhere.

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