Monday Muse: Kenzo Spring 2018 Celebrates History & The Joy Of Fashion

Kenzo Spring 2018

Kenzo Spring 2018

Kenzo’s spring 2018 collection had it all — literally. Not only did the show include an aerialist performance (past Kenzo shows have included chocolate-covered walls, political statements, and a focus on environment), the presentation included men’s and women’s collections together. Co-designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon cited Sayoko Yamaguchi and Ryuichi Sakamoto as influences. The former was a supermodel that worked closely with the original Kenzo Takada. The latter, a contemporary musician. The result? A mish-mash of patterns, shapes, and fun that the designers showed on a cast of models of Asian heritage, a nod to the brand’s history, the pair of muses, and the designers’ efforts towards representation and inclusion.

“We’ve gone political; we’ve addressed climate; we’ve gone on very topical things, and we wanted to almost step back and really have fun with this collection,” Leon explained to Vogue. “I think we use our platform so instinctively for different reasons, and we just wanted to use it for joy.”

That joy came via a slew of bold colors and patterns — a Kenzo signature. Many of the pieces were slashed through with a contrasting print, be it a floral or animal, or pieced together from a mishmash of different prints. When there were solid colors, they were bright, cheerful, and often came with a shiny finish.

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Kenzo Spring 2018

Kenzo Spring 2018

Fans of the brand’s graphics, be it tigers, text, or any of the other Insta-ready designs, will have a slew of new options. The show included T-shirts and sweaters with vintage album covers that are sure to show up in feeds everywhere come Fashion Week.

The models were flown in from Japan, China, and Korea for the show. “We took a really directional casting this season,” Leon added. As the second act started, shapes were boxier and the patterns gave way to patchwork and frills. There was a reason that the Kenzo show featured during men’s Fashion Week and that was to show that designers are starting to blur the lines between gender. It wasn’t a stunt, but it certainly stole the spotlight.

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