Monday Muse: Monique Lhuillier Goes Polished Parisian For Spring

Monique Lhuillier Couture Spring 2018

Monique Lhuillier Couture Spring 2018

Monique Lhullier joined the Rodarte sisters this season, skipping out on their usual New York Fashion Week slots and opting to show their spring collections during the haute couture schedule in Paris. For a designer known mostly for spotlight-stealing evening wear and red carpet gowns, it makes sense. The grandeur and craftsmanship that goes into something that’ll be photographed from every angle is akin to creating works of art. Couture, indeed. But Lhuillier was showing ready to wear, not the made-to-order pieces that often show up in front of flashbulbs. And while she’s been looking to diversify her offerings in the past few seasons, this time around, it was 100% glam.

It’s not a stretch for the designer to channel a bit of French style. She’s part-French, after all, and she told Vogue backstage at her show that she’s been visiting the City of Light since she was a child. But there was a definite Parisian leaning to the dresses that were covered in ostrich feathers and floral lace (Lhuillier is known for creating custom patterns for her collections). House signatures seemed magnified and exaggerated for the collection, with pleats and tucks numbering in the hundreds and thousands on dresses and romantic shapes getting blown to fairy-tale proportions, as in a cape fit for a Frozen princess.

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Monique Lhuillier Spring 2018

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2018

But as the world of couture gets a little bit more casual, it made sense for Lhuillier to offer jumpsuits and daywear, too. While her separates aren’t the type of thing to pair with jeans — though we’re sure plenty of her die-hard fans do it — having the backdrop of a gilt room certainly gave them an air of pomp and circumstance.

Lhuillier kept some of the looks grounded with glittering ankle boots, a nod to realism in the very fantastical collection. With a soft palette that evoked French pastries and light-as-air fabrics, it was a fresh and breezy take on serious glamour. There were shorter hems, too, something that younger customers will appreciate when these clothes hit stores. It was a fairy tale collection, to say the least; and there’s no knowing whether Lhuillier will make this getaway a one-time affair or a regular occurrence, either. Whatever’s in the cards for the designer, she’s proven again that femininity and flourish, the things she’s built her brand on, work on either side of the Atlantic.

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