Monday Muse: Pam & Gela Remix Track Staples For Spring 2018

Pam & Gela Spring 2018

Pam & Gela Spring 2018

With just a few years under their belts, it may be surprising that Pam & Gela are looking back to where it all began. But the dynamic duo behind the tracksuit — honed to perfection at Juicy Couture, of course — have always held comfort as the most important part of design. Though past P&G outings have offered up tracksuits, the spring 2018 collection took the humble ensemble and injected it with a dose of youthful energy and some technical prowess.

It’s a commercial boon for a brand that focuses so much on athleisure, but it makes perfect sense for the designers to give shoppers what they’re looking for. But instead of performance, P&G’s tracksuits boast high style. By looking at the youth culture of L.A., the designers added rasta stripes, looser silhouettes, and cropped tops. It was an homage to Run-D.M.C., but it didn’t veer into costume territory either, which means the wide swath of women who flock to the brand won’t have to worry about looking like extras from a throwback music video.

Pam & Gela spring 2018

Pam & Gela spring 2018

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The P&G empire was built on a mountain of terry, but for spring, the tracksuits were constructed from micro scuba, tencel covered in an Instagram-ready palm print, and even a twill that looked ready for boardrooms — if boardrooms were about relaxed-fit pull-on pants paired with a denim jacket.

The collection wasn’t a retrospective, however. Instead of looking like a rehash of greatest hits, it was more of an exercise in evolution. What seemed so perfect in the terry tracksuit got polished and streamlined in ways that naysayers thought could never happen. The zipped and button hems offered a dose of relaxed ease, but taken as a whole, it seemed like a testament to anyone who thought that a brand built on comfort and consumers wouldn’t have legs.

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