Monday Muse: St. John Goes Laid-Back For Fall 2017

St. John Fall 2017

St. John Fall 2017

While it’s never been one of the showiest labels around, St. John, based in Orange County, CA, has seen itself through plenty of flashy trends. Established in 1962, it’s stayed its course through minimalism, maximalism, grunge, punk, and more. Known for luxe knits and skirt suits, St. John’s looking to diversify its portfolio this fall — and like so many brands, it’s loosening up the house codes and embracing a more laid-back lifestyle. It’s reflective of the barefoot luxury that pervades Southern California and O.C., but designer Greg Myler infused it with femininity and uber-luxe fabrications for a St. John that may just cross the generation gap.

Suiting was dressed down for fall, with tailored pieces done up in soft cashmeres and ribbed knits instead of boiled wools and pinstripes. If the women of a certain age (St. John’s bread and butter for decades) are looking for those, we’re sure they’ll find plenty in stores, but the label’s presentation focused on moving the line toward a younger and more playful look. That included jumpsuits and trendy pieces like bomber jackets made of shimmering metallics. The vibe was definitely relaxed, even in coats, which slouched and rested just so, giving serious pieces a more laid-back feel.

St. John Fall 2017

St. John Fall 2017

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Athluxury would be a more apt term for St. John’s latest outing as well. While it did have a few throwbacks to lines like The Row, especially in floor-dusting robe coats and those pointed flats, there was an air of high luxury and accessibility that’s tough to find when Mary-Kate and Ashley are in the equation.

Fashion buffs will remember that Angelina Jolie famously fronted the brand for some time. And paying homage to that red carpet style, Myler showed a few dazzling evening options that’ll satisfy those who run the gala circuit. Velvet, dropped waists, sexy slivers of skin, and even ostrich feathers were integrated into the evening looks for unexpected details that will stand out in a sea of sequins and embroidery. For those who’ve discounted the line in recent years or saw it as fodder for fussy dressing, it’s time to take another look. Heritage and trends are a tough balance, but it’s all right here.

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