Monday Muse: Trina Turk Heads to Cuba For Spring 2017

Trina Turk Spring 2017

Trina Turk Spring 2017

Now that U.S. relations with Cuba are getting a little more comfortable, the island nation — and all of its cultural trappings — have appeared on runways left and right. In fact, a little Cuban flavor might just be the biggest takeaway of spring 2017. With bold colors, an even bolder attitude and plenty of iconography to draw from, designers from all over were taking a closer look at Cuba, both its history and how people there dress today. L.A.’s own Trina Turk headed to Havana for an architecture tour and the passion and fashion of the country influenced her spring 2017 looks. The kaleidoscope of colors and prints are something die-hard Turk fans and newcomers are sure to get behind.

“[The] thing is, people there really care about how they look,” Turk told Vogue. “Color is really important to them.”

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Trina Turk Spring 2017

Trina Turk Spring 2017

More obvious influences were seen on spangled jumpsuits and fringed dresses with a distinct Latin lean, including one-shoulder ruffles in crisp white. Those pieces took from the vibrant nightlife and street culture of Havana. Alongside sultrier numbers were separates that will fit right in with Turk’s usual Palm Springs ethos. The standout pattern was taken from the iconic Coppelia ice cream parlor and splashed across everything, including tapered skinny trousers, sleeveless tops, and workhorse totes.

The collections more utilitarian pieces came from a surprising source, too: the customs officer’s uniforms. That something so everyday could inspire military toppers and a short-sleeved denim jacket was a true testament in finding something in the most mundane situations:

“The women were wearing what appeared to be these little olive-drab uniforms that looked like they were from the ’70s, but in a really good way,” she continued. “They were made of this really heavy cotton twill and were kind of fitted, with flared pants and long collars. I thought they were great.”

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