Monday Muse: California Inspires Clover Canyon Resort 2015

Clover Canyon Resort 2016

Clover Canyon Resort 2016

Rave culture. Highland flings. Electronica. Clover Canyon’s girl — and its designer, Rozae Nichols — knows how to party. The brand is nothing if not fun, free-wheeling and futuristic, all while still appealing to real women everywhere. This isn’t exclusionary fashion, no. Instead, Nichols navigates the trends of the season while still focusing her eye on Clover Canyon’s DNA, namely prints, color and California. It’s a Golden State brand, after all, so for this season, Nichols celebrated all things Cali in a resort collection that riffed on state emblems, the fun of the Long Beach Pike and the signature mix-match-and-clash ethos of Clover Canyon.

For those unfamiliar, the Pike is one of SoCal’s signature amusement-park-on-the-waterfront destinations. But Nichols didn’t take that inspiration too literally (shock and awe, honestly) with images of chain restaurants, ferris wheels and roller coasters. Instead, it was an idealized seaside park, where carnival lights shine in multicolor rainbows and the scent of funnel cakes and surf spray mingle.

Clover Canyon Resort 2016

Clover Canyon Resort 2016

The collection of shift dresses, cigarette pants, tunics, trapeze shapes (you get the idea: there was something for everyone) featured heavily on Cali iconography such as golden poppies. There was a tinge of nautical (as is wont to be for resort collections), but of course, Nichols interpreted it all through her kaleidoscope of colors, which included mustards, faded teals and lavender in lieu of navy and white.

The whole collection rode high on a fun fair energy, right down to the platform shoes, which reached new heights and incorporated plenty of materials — unexpected, read: cork; and not: braided plastic? Head-scratching mixed-media aside, the idealized funhouse romp was something new for the brand, especially in the sci-fi tinged A-line frocks and pants-and-dress combos. For a brand that’s always on the brink of innovation, it was a fresh way to stay ahead of the curve.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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