Alexa Chung Launches Clueless Inspired Styling App

The Villoid app

The Villoid app

It looks like we aren’t the only ones that obsess over Cher Horowitz’s automated closet in Clueless. Alexa Chung, she of Chanel, MTV and Longchamp fame, It Brit and all-around cool girl, is just as smitten. That’s why she’s debuting Villoid, an app that lets users peruse influencers’ virtual dressing rooms, offer up their own outfits as inspiration and buy pieces right from the app.

“I suppose that scene in Clueless where the computer puts an outfit together from Cher’s wardrobe really stayed with me.“ says Chung. “Clothes are fun, making mistakes is fun, being inspired is fun. Villoid celebrates the process of getting dressed and showing your friends.”

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Think of it as a chic blend of Pinterest and Instagram, where you can share your outfits on different mood boards. And there are no limits to what you can share. Entire outfits, just shoes or accessories or even jewelry and other extras are all fair game. You can browse other boards, share your creations with your friends and even gain the attention of influencers and fashion mavericks. If there’s something you see that you absolutely need, say Alexa’s own Erdem dress, there’s a buy now button for instant gratification. While it won’t pick your outfit for you a la Clueless, your own squad of followers can offer up sartorial inspiration.

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

Villoid is Chung’s first foray into the world of tech, but fashion is definitely something that the PYT is familiar with. “I wanted to get to learn something about a field I knew nothing about and I felt I could offer the tech field something I knew a lot about…clothes,” adds Chung. “Most decisions I make when it comes to new projects are based on whether it could further my education. The tech world was something I was incredibly curious about. [Silicon] Valley sounds like a bouncy castle I want to play on.”

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Cofounded with Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik and her team, the app brings a social aspect to window shopping and gives budding stylists a way to get instant feedback on their own outfits and get second opinions on new purchases.

“Alexa and I immediately bonded, merging our ideas and utilizing her style genius, we have managed to make the best dressed app on the market.” says Dyhre Kvisvik.

Already on board? Chung’s coterie of Brit besties, including model/singer Pixie Geldof, One Direction’s hair stylist Lou Teasdale and British X-Factor judge Nicholas Grimshaw. Their robust and fashion-forward boards are already some of the most-loved on the app. “‘Congratulations to Alexa who is this generation’s Tom from MySpace,” Grimshaw tweeted. “Can I do the menswear one? Please employ me @chungalexa.”

Given Chung’s social savvy and millennial mindset, we predict that Villoid is just the beginning — she’s set to take over Silicon Valley’s tech scene, just like she’s taken over the street style sphere.

Get Villoid now at the App Store. Android to follow.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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