Cheap Thrills: Christopher Luu’s Animal-Friendly Taxidermy

Cardboard Safari Tex Longhorn Bust

Cardboard Safari Tex Longhorn Bust

Whatever your thoughts on PETA, you can’t argue that most guys love to have a few masculine touches in their environs. Barbie fashion sketches? They’re probably not the best choice for a man cave, but that doesn’t mean that neon beer lights and old Nagel posters are the way to go. For a masculine touch that doesn’t involve getting a live animal in your crosshairs, try the Cardboard Safari Tex Longhorn Bust ($55), an animal friendly take on taxidermy that any guy would be proud to hang in his abode.

“I have a few of these, which might seem crazy, but they look great all grouped together,” says Christopher Luu, Fashion Trends Daily’s Menswear Editor. “This all-American longhorn is next on my list. Maybe it’s because the fair is in town, but I’m all bout bringing some livestock indoors.”

Cardboard Safari made a name for itself by rendering taxidermy rhinos and big game animals in cardboard, but the line has since expanded to include an entire menagerie of animals and even a few furniture pieces. We love the classic brown cardboard, but if you’re a little more carefree and colorful in your decor, try the printed busts and more.

Available at Modcloth.

Images courtesy Cardboard Safari

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