Evite’s Party Stylist Shows Us Easter Eggs to Dye For & Re-ignites Our Inner Craft Girl

Easter egg tree (dramatization).

Easter egg tree (dramatization)

I’m just gonna come out and say it: When I was in college, I blew a lot of eggs.

No, seriously. I used to poke holes in the eggs with a needle and then painstakingly blow the yolks out of eggs. Each year,  I started a week or so before Easter and would spend hours decorating them after hollowing them out. Then I would pull out the glue gun and attach a satin ribbon to the bottom so their light, empty shells were ready to display. I lived in a cute little bungalow and I would hang the eggs all over the branches on the olive tree outside my house before leading my then boyfriend (now husband) on an Easter egg hunt that I would preside over with glee.

Marble dipped easter eggs

Marble dipped easter eggs

That girl is dead to me now.

In her place is the utilitarian Paas Princess. We get in. We get out. Eggs are dipped, dyed and decorated in two hours tops and the mess cleared away. Now,  I am a mere conduit now to facilitate  my daughter’s adventures in Easter egg dying.

But then in walked Jessica Bailey, super chic Party Stylist for Evite, and from somewhere deep inside of me my DIY cells began to awaken and reorganize. What exactly is a “party stylist,” you ask, and how does one become one?

In short, Bailey designs and styles all of the content for Evite’s photo shoots, including all the drool-worthy vignettes, food tables, bar cards, centerpieces and more that are sprinkled throughout the site to inspire and awe.

Bailey, born and raised in San Diego, previously ran an event design and styling business with her sister, but her creativity grew and she needed a way to express her ideas and share her great DIY tips with design mavens all over the world.

Gold Foil Egg Decorating

Gold Foil Egg Decorating

“Then I started a blog, Linen Lace and Love, showing fun crafts and different parties,” Bailey said. “Everything that my sister and I love.”

Bailey’s stylish and inventive sensibility caught the eye of Evite, and now, of us here at Fashion Trends Daily.

Staring at her beautiful-marble dipped Easter eggs created with premium nail polish made me want to rekindle the romance with the old, craftier me so we went to Bailey in search of stylish ideas for Easter decorating with a little bit of a fashion thrown in.

“This Easter, I’m loving all the pastels and metallics from Fashion Week and the runways,” said Bailey. “Fashion does dictate what you do for entertaining.”

Amen sister. We stand behind that motto at Fashion Trends Daily.

Temporary Tattoo Egg Decoating

Temporary Tattoo Egg Decoating

“If you want to do a clean, modern tablescape, I like the goldleaf decorated eggs,” suggested Bailey. “A simple glass bowl or apothecary jars with the gold eggs [in them] is gorgeous. Sprinkle the table with bud vases full of  white tulips. It keeps it clean and classic.”

I’ve decided that’s it’s best to move slowly to reconnect with that old inner DIY flame. I won’t be passing out this year blowing the yolks out of eggs, but Bailey’s nail-polish marbling is just my speed. That doesn’t mean, I’m not eyeing the glam gold leaf-embellished eggs or the edgy rock-‘n’-roll glam of the temporary tattoo eggs (maybe time to dust off the Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel Temporary Skin Art from 2010?). Check out her instructions for marbled eggs below. And, I’d love to see your Easter egg pics and hear any great ideas. Who knows, maybe I’ll be decoupaging again soon!

How to do nail polish marbling:

  • Have nail polish remover on hand
  • Fill a smaller bowl with 4 inches of water
  • Take the different colored nail polishes that you want to marble together, and drop the color into the water until you get the get desired marbled look  (HINT: The water holds the pattern together)
  • Run a toothpick through for the marbling effect
  • Dip the egg into bowl of nail polish and water and pull it right out

NOTE: do not touch bottom of bowl with egg or it will smear the nail polish.

“I’ve used Essie for a couple of different projects—from painting tops of keys,” adds Bailey. “OPI works well as does Julep. Just as long as it’s a nicer nail polish.”

Images courtesy of Evite and Jessica Bailey

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