FitFusion Gets a Makeover with New Faces, Recipes and More

FitFusion at home

FitFusion at home

You’re not the only one looking to make changes in 2015. FitFusion, the online fitness video streaming service that started in late 2013, has gotten a little bit of a nip and tuck, too. For the new year, FitFusion is expanding its offerings to include all new trainers and content along with the addition of nutrition and wellness videos, creating a destination that offers everything you need to get yourself motivated for change in the new year. The site still maintains the user-friendly features that make it one of the most popular fitness sites on the web, such as monthly subscriptions and video rentals that you can watch instantly on just about any device — iPhones, iPads and Android included — as well as Chromecast and AppleTV.

There are a slew of new trainers on the roster at FitFusion and for the first time, a nutritionist that offers up recipes and tips on clean living and clean eating. The addition of new disciplines is another way that FitFusion is keeping its unique brand of fitness fresh and fun. Users that are accustomed to the high energy and high impact of a Jillian Michaels workout might want to have a change of pace and with FitFusion, they’ve got a range of options available right away, including Tai Chi, yoga, dance cardio and more.

Heidi Klum and Andrea Orbeck

Heidi Klum and Andrea Orbeck

“The new celebrity fitness instructors will add even more workout options and make it easier for users to switch up their routine or try something new,” says Ray Cole, COO and CFO of FitFusion. “We are also excited to now offer healthy recipes and wellness tips on”

Andrea Orbeck, who is famous for sculpting and toning Heidi Klum’s supermodel figure has created  fitness content for the site, but she’s also offering up a few tips and tricks on how to get your body swimsuit ready on

I love the adage, ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. Not being fan of the term ‘diet,’ I prefer ‘nutritional choices,'” says Andrea Orbeck. “Nutrition is actually everything. You can exercise correctly, stay hydrated and get rest. If you do not compliment that with good eating, you will still remain soft and doughy with strong muscles underneath.”

A new face at FitFusion is Adita Lang. She brings 29 years of holistic health experience with her, and she’ll be contributing new recipes to the site that promote healthy living that packs plenty of flavor and nutrition.

“Start 2015 the right way. It’s not about dieting, it’s about making lifestyle changes that keep you lean, energized and healthy for a lifetime,” Lang says. “Take the emotions out of your food choices and eat for the nutrients that foods give you as opposed to calories – the higher the nutrient levels of your unprocessed food choices the leaner you will be…I promise!

Adita Lang for FitFusion

Adita Lang for FitFusion

As the very first nutritionist for the site, Lang’s videos round out the fitness offerings, giving subscribers a new perspective on healthy living that doesn’t involve sweating it out. 

“Water is everything, if you want your body fat to “get out and stay out”, you must hydrate!” adds Lang. “Think of it this way: drink a base of eight glasses of water per day and add in two more for every alcoholic or caffeinated drink.”

Ilyse Baker, the dance cardio guru behind Rihanna and LeAnn Rimes, is also joining the FitFusion family. As the creator of the dance fitness program Dancinerate, Baker remains one of the most sought after dance instructors in the industry. For fitness buffs who want to add high intensity cardio that feels more like fun than exercise, her videos are a perfect fit for those days where you don’t want to do one more burpee or even look at a dumbbell. Fast paced, high energy and set to great music, Baker’s videos are an exciting new addition to the already great selection at FitFusion.

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