Our Favorite Spots to Snag Holiday-Ready Home & Hostess Gifts

The ubiquitous holiday candle is always a safe, if impersonal, option — unless, of course, it’s an ultra luxurious one. But holiday hosts likely have a cabinet full of wax ghosts of Christmas’ past ready to burn. Instead of the usual options, we’ve got some more unconventional hostess gifts with a bit more luster that won’t be relegated to the back of the closet when you head to holiday and New Year’s parties. While you’re crossing names off your list, keep those hard-working hosts and hostesses in mind. They will appreciate a little bit of extra thought — and maybe an extra bottle of bubbly, too!


While Macy’s may be the perfect place to snag a sweater (ugly Christmas or not, it’s your choice) or designer goods, it’s also got a fully stocked home department where we’ve found more than a few gems to be a great guest! Some of our faves include Kate Spade gifts like candles (yes, we know, but these are gorgeous), cheese boards, as well as a few more show-stopping options. Showing up with a bar cart may be a little bit much, but if you have a pal that’s been eyeing one, there’s no reason you can’t pick up some great things for them to display on it.

Our pick: Martha Stewart’s essential bar tool set, which you’ll only find at Macy’s stores.

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Jenni Kayne

California’s golden girl just added a whole new selection of covetable gifts to her homegoods offering. Like all of Kayne’s picks, they’re homey, inviting, and look like they’re one-of-a-kind. Though they’re a bit more when it comes to price tags, these heirloom-quality ceramics and gallery-appropriate prints and photos are just the thing to give any house a touch of designer cache. But a few of the picks do belie their price tags. Nothing’s more luxe than a sheepskin throw and at $145, Kayne’s option may be pricer than Ikea’s, but it’ll last longer and looks way more plush.

Our pick: This LSA International serving platter will be out all year, not just pulled out at the holidays.

Sisters of Los Angeles

Heading home for the holidays? It’s tough to bid farewell to the California sunshine, but you can take a bit of that cheer to any location now that Sisters of Los Angeles has expanded its collection. The Technicolor brand is starting to include a bunch of other locales in its wares, so Hawaii, Texas, and even Washington state can get a dose of the brand’s signature pep. We know that we said candles can be a little expected, but these are anything but your run-of-the-mill burners.

Our pick: Choose your own state with pride. Include some Cali matches, though, to remind the recipient of just where it all came from.


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Author:Christopher Luu

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.