Karl Lagerfeld and Harper’s Bazaar Release Custom Emoji Apps

Harper's Bazaar Emojis

Harper’s Bazaar Emojis

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it makes sense that emojis, the now ubiquitous iPhone images that come pre-installed on iOS, have been gaining in popularity. It goes without saying that an icon of a grinning yellow face is much more expressive than a simple : ). So naturally, the fashion set grew weary of the pre-installed mini-images and have become obsessed with a duo of apps that lets them digitally stretch their sartorial know-how and give a cheeky little nod to some of fashion’s biggest names.

The Harper’s Bazaar Emojis app started it all, offering fans of fashion a whole new set of little images to use on their iPhones. The app, which is free at the Apple iTunes store, has already expanded beyond its original collection and now includes everything from the fashion items such as the iconic Valentino Rockstud pump and the Saint Laurent Perfecto jacket to personalities such as Bill Cunningham, clad in his blue jacket, and Karl along with Bazaar’s own Glenda Bailey. True insiders will recognize ear cuffs, juice bottles (who’s cleansing?) and Gwyneth herself while more recreational users will no doubt have a blast using the Olsen twins, a duck face and more. The app is sponsored by French brand Equipment, which explains the smattering of patterned shirts and chic pajamas, but when you’ve got MAC lipsticks, Dior earrings and Chanel bags at your disposal, you can do with a little bit of product placement.



The latest designer to get in on the emoji trend is Karl Lagerfeld, who released emotiKarl to coincide with the opening of the new Karl Lagerfeld flagship in London. The icons, which are mainly black-and-white, have a bit of a Tokidoki flavor (Lagerfeld has collaborated with the animated Italian brand in the past), especially the icons of Karl himself and his sweet kitty Choupette. In addition, the app gives you access to a myriad of fingerless glove-clad Karl hands giving thumbs up and down and even the classic Fallon-Timberlake hashtag gesture. Alongside Karl’s gloved hand, you’ll get Parisian icons and bottles of Karl’s new perfume.

Neither app offers full integration into the iPhone, which means that you’re actually sending small pictures (think of it as a quick cut-and-paste from app to iMessage or traditional SMS). That also means that you won’t be able to use any of the icons from Harper’s Bazaar Emojis or emojiKarl in another app, such as Instagram or Twitter. So don’t expect to use these to express yourself on social media, but among your circle of fashion friends, they’re sure to add a little embellishment to any conversation.

To download the Harper’s Bazaar Emojis all, click here.

To download emojiKarl, click here.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.