Moleskine Bows In Los Angeles

Moleskine Century City

Moleskine Century City

With so many creatives on the streets of Los Angeles, the standby Moleskine notebook is about as ubiquitous as the iPhone these days. However, until now, the storied brand hasn’t had a store of its own, so loyalists have had to shop the line piecemeal at big box stores, indie retailers, and shop the notebooks online. Tomorrow, Westfield Century City will debut its 14th stateside store and its very first to call L.A. home.

The store will boast a monochrome palette to showcase the brand’s notebooks and extensive lifestyle offerings. It’s rare to see the full breadth from Moleskine, but everything from bags and books to the M+ smart line will be on display.

Moleskine Century City

Moleskine Century City

Working in tandem with Evernote or Adobe, Moleskine’s smart line works to digitize ideas, thoughts, scribbles, and doodles in real time. It can even digitize handwriting into digital documents. The 700-square-foot space will also illustrate the notebooks’ long history with creatives and artists. By now, just about everyone knows that these notebooks were the same ones that Picasso and Ernest Hemingway carried.

Today, those classic notebooks are still for sale (in a bevy of Technicolor options), but the brand’s extended its designs into planners, journals, and even organizational accordion files. There are even Moleskine-branded writing tools and travel accessories, which are sure to make things more comfortable when creativity strikes. And because so many stores stock the line, the Moleskin Century City spot will give shoppers one major reason to stop in: a monogramming station to personalize every purchase on the spot. Add to that the Keith Haring collection, a limited-edition denim capsule collection, and books to inspire. Together, it’s a place for people to stock up on what helps them get their juices flowing. Consider it a hip hangout without the condescending coffee nerds or cooler-than-thou hipsters. When the pages are blank, everyone’s starting out on the same foot.

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