Orange County’s Boxfli Adds Color and Fun to Shipping

Inside Orange County's Boxfli

Inside Orange County’s Boxfli

A pair of new shops has been making waves in Orange County. Boxfli, a boutique shipping destination, has been injecting the mundane task of shipping with color, vibrancy and fun. Brown is boring at Boxfli, where customers can choose from a variety of box sizes and colors, including exclusive prints and patterns, to add personality and pep to the usually-boring world of shipping. Located at 23981 Alicia Parkway, in Mission Viejo, and 1904 Harbor Boulevard, in Costa Mesa, Boxfli is set for expansion in California and Nevada, giving everyone a chance to spice up their packing.

Jayne and Mike Flinn

Jayne and Mike Flinn

“Boxfli is about expression, originality, and creativity,” says co-owner Jayne Flinn. “We take the hassle out of shipping, making the experience not only convenient, but friendly and fun. Customers are only limited by their imagination in how they can package a gift.”

Husband and wife team Jayne and Mike Flinn created Boxfli to give customers a one-stop destination for packing and shipping. Jayne, who is also the owner of Flinn West Real Estate Company and Mike, who acts as president of Scope Packaging, wanted to give businesses and consumers alike a chance to add some personality to packaging.

You might recognize Mike, who worked as a male model for decades. In fact, there was a decade where he appeared in the pages of GQ without fail. Teaming with Mike and Sonja Saltman, a pair of friends from Las Vegas, Boxfli opened up a pair of shops in Orange County.

Inside Boxfli

Inside Boxfli

Inside the creative and collaborative space, shippers can choose various boxes, crinkle filler, tapes, bubble wrap and more to truly personalize their packages. There’s even scent available to spritz inside packages for a truly memorable experience for each box’s lucky recipient. Visitors can use the huge communal table to experiment and play with the materials or leave it all up to the capable hands of the trained staff, who all work to give each and every package a unique look and feel.

Boxfli is also offers full shipping and packaging services, novelty gifts, greeting cards, notary services and post office boxes, which are available in a rainbow of colors. It’s the end of boring shipping as you know it. That feeling you get when you get a package in the mail is about to be eclipsed by the excitement you feel when you’re sending one out.

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Images courtesy Boxfli. Photography by Jeri Koegel

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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