Organize your Everyday Items for Under $60

A place for everything, everything in its place.

A place for everything, everything in its place.

Having a closet that looks like the one pictured above is a pipe dream for most of us, but just because we can’t keep our clothes in what looks like a catalog shoot doesn’t mean that we have to give it all up. Keeping your life organized doesn’t always take a major overhaul so we’re focusing on little steps you can take to streamline your routine and really get the things you already have neat and tidy. From an in-purse essential to an unexpected office staple to store your purses, these picks are sure to have your space looking a bit more polished.

Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized

Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized

Organize your: purse

Even the best It-Bags can become black holes. With receipts, wallets, lipsticks, hand sanitizer and pens all collecting into a mass of chaos on the bottom of even the most chic bags. Cindy Crawford’s go-to makeup artist Sonia Kashuk is offering ladies a way to stay organized, even on the go. The Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized ($14.99) pouch is a quick and easy way not only to stay tidy, but to swap out your bag. Keep necessities in the zippered compartments to keep them from straying in your purse and you’l be able to find everything in no time at all. When you’re ready to swap into a new bag, just take your wallet and this pouch over and you’re set to go.

Available at Target.

Muji acrylic drawers

Muji acrylic cases

Organize your: makeup

Part of what makes makeup so great is how beautiful some of the packaging is. From the chic simplicity of Chanel lipstick to the luxe decadence of Tom Ford palette, sometimes things are just made to be seen. So instead of stowing it all away in your bathroom cabinet, the Muji Acrylic Cases ($24.75-27.95) keep things tidy and on display. The smooth, perfectly sized drawers are available in five and three-level styles and are all stackable so you can keep your organization growing as you add to your collection.

Available at Muji.

Household Essential Nine-pair Shoe Rack

Household Essential Nine-pair Shoe Rack

Organize your: shoes

Ah, shoes. We love them whether they hurt our feet, make us feel like a million bucks or cost a million bucks. It seems as if there’s no real way to organize them where they’re on display, at hand and out of the way, but the Household Essential Nine-pair Shoe Rack ($17.99) does it all. While it doesn’t look like the most glam option, the simple rack keeps your shoes from piling up at the bottom of your closet and easy to get to. No opening lids, no digging through cubbies and no shoes hanging off of your doors.

Available at Kohl’s.

Accordion collator

Accordion collator

Organize your: clutches

‘Wait, but that’s a file collator,” you’re thinking. We know, but hear us out. The Accordion Collator ($58) is just the thing to have in your closet. Those individual spots are the perfect place to store your slouchy oversized leather clutches, oft-neglected beaded evening bags and even your smaller crossbodies. Expanded out to its full length, this organizer will sort a dozen of your smaller bags without them falling off a shelf or getting lost in a jumble.

Available at Anthropologie.

Images courtesy Kohl’s, Target, Muji and Anthropologie

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.