Manscaping Musts For The Man In Your Life

The arrival of the hypergroomed man is not new news. But, in the hunt for Father’s Day gifts this year, we uncovered a host of men’s grooming products that take metro to a new level and bluntly go where no product has gone before. It got us thinking: Why not simply skip the sentimental gifts for the guy in your life and go straight to the practical? Behold! We’ve put together a list of products that address some, well, more private issues, for everyone from the ardent manscaper to the green groomer who needs some serious hints!

Jack Black Performance Remedy Dry Down Friction-Free Powder ($18)

Any guy will tell you that it can get a little ripe below the belt. While something as simple as baby powder would prevent odor, this concoction by Jack Black (one of our favorite grooming lines) promises a friction and odor-free experience. It’s perfect for powdering up before a workout or before heading out to the heat and humidity of the summer.

Axe Hair Styling Cream with Sunscreen SPF 15 Crew Cut Buzzed Look ($6.99)

Whether he’s buzzed it off or Mother Nature’s just run her course, the man in your life probably doesn’t realize that he needs to slather SPF on his scalp. Axe’s soft-hold hair cream is (thankfully) lightly scented and will give his scalp and locks (or lack thereof) protection from the blazing sun.

Ace for Men Dandruff-Control Brush ($14)

Another hair issue: visible flaking. With fungus-fighting copper bristles, this simple brush will make sure shoulder flurries stay in check. The big, masculine size will keep him from mixing it up with your Mason Pearson, and he’ll be thankful that there’s no mention of dandruff anywhere on the brush itself. Ah, subtlety.

The Total Mess Kit ($153)

And if there are just got too many issues to deal with one-by-one, do it all at once (like tearing off a band-aid in one fell swoop). This kit features a body hair trimmer, a face-saving night after gel, Balla powder (for his downstairs dilemmas), a nose-and-ear trimmer and a safety razor. Together, this ultimate kit will keep him looking sharp well past next year.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.