Dialed-in Expat & PR Maven Dovie Mamikunian Dishes on French Style

Dovie Mamikunian

Dovie Mamikunian

It’s a story right out of an Audrey Hepburn movie — that is, if Audrey was more about media and PR than princesses and modeling. Dovie Mamikunian grew up on our own shores, but always had her sights set on a fab life in Paris. But instead of just dreaming of croissants and strolls by the Seine, Mamikunian established DM Media, a public relations and event coordinating company that has grown to become one of the leading companies in Paris. She’s even become a go-to for American brands looking to get in on the Paris fashion scene, thanks in part to her chic lifestyle and insider knowledge of the City of lights.

We sat down with Mamikunian for a fashionable tête-à-tête to discuss her experiences as an American girl in Paris.

Fashion Trends Daily: What brought you out to France in the beginning?

Dovie Mamikunian: At 22, I built my own company – DM Media – from the ground up in L.A. I was spening my time running my PR business back and forth to New York for clients like Saatchi & Saatchi and the British Embassy in Washington. Then, I visited Paris, absolutely fell in love with the city and simply moved my business here! It took me a year to become fluent in French, and since then, I’ve kind of specialized in launching American clients in Paris.

FTD: What brands did you work with?

DV: I started with Tommy Hilfiger in 1998, the American Embassy in Paris, and later with businesses like J Brand, Coach, Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Toms, Krug Champagne, Hennessy, Diptyque and more.

FTD: How do you feel Americans perceive the French in general and how much of it is true in your opinion?

DM: I guess most Americans believe the French clichés: the wine drinking; the glamorous, thin women; the laid-back attitude in regards to day to day life…all of which are kind of true! Of course there are many shades of grey, but you kind of have to experience the French culture for yourself to really “get” the French way.

Dovie Mamikunian

Dovie Mamikunian

FTD: What are some things you love about French life that are different from life in the United States?

DM: For one, I adore the fashion here! You will never see someone in sweatpants, except if they’re just getting out of the gym. Every woman here really owns her style and it’s very inspiring. Also obviously, French cuisine is unparalleled. I miss the Californian weather terribly, but the long winters here allow me to wear my favorite chinchilla fur, so there’s always a silver lining!

FTD: What simple fashion or beauty tips have you taken from France?

DM: A French tradition taught from mother-to-daughter a friend told me is if you wear make-up on your eyes, don’t wear a lipstick and vice-versa. The same goes with fashion: if you show your legs, go easy on the décolleté! It’s all about subtlety, rather than flaunting it all. You have to pick your battles.

For more information, visit www.dmmediapr.com.

Images courtesy Madame Figaro and DM Media

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