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L*Space Cozumel Aztec Print Bikini

There are industry leaders — you go to Vera for a wedding gown and Diane for a wrap ress, naturally — and then there are pioneers. L*Space founder Monica Wise didn’t invent the bathing suit, but since the brand’s inception, she’s revolutionized the way girls everywhere shop for their suits. Blending fashion, fabrication and fun, L*Space has earned Wise Mercedes Benz’s Designer of the Year Award in 2010 and SIMA’s (that’s the Surfwear Industry Manufacture’s Association) Swimwear Brand of the Year award for seven consecutive years — and the award has only been being handed out for seven years — and a loyal base of fans that spans from everyday girls to pro surfers and celebrities. But Wise knows that shopping for a bathing suit isn’t everyone’s favorite pre-summer ritual, so we sat down with her to talk swim separates and flaunting your assets with the perfect suit.

L*space founder Monica Wise

L*Space founder Monica Wise

Fashion Trends Daily: Before we talk swimsuit shopping, let’s talk about L*Space. There are so many brands out there now, what sets L*Space apart?

Monica Wise: I noticed from my own experience in bikini shopping that swim brands were not focused on the quality of the fabrications. I also knew from my own personal experience that women buy bikinis based on the touch and feel. I wanted the customer  to be able to close her eyes and know it was L*Space by the buttery touch.

FTD: Did you ever expect all the accolades? Winning the SIMA Award seven times is a huge deal.

MW: No, it’s been such an amazing ride and the only thing I was focused on was creating a great bikini. My goal was to deliver product that was quality and compelling.

FTD: And the brand’s grown, too. Back when you started L*Space, you were really focused on bathing suits and now the brand is so much more.

MW: Being a one woman show back then, dealing with all of the daily tasks kept me really busy. Notoriety was the last thing on my mind.

L*space Congo Cover Up

L*Space Congo Cover Up

FTD: Are you going to keep growing L*Space to include more apparel?

MW: Yes! We LOVE the idea that with every bikini packed that it will be accompanied by a few day-to-night apparel pieces.

FTD: Ok, now it’s the part where things get a little bit harder. When someone goes shopping for a bikini, is there one style that works for everyone across the board? 

MW: There really isn’t ONE style that generally works for all, our customer is very fashion forward and loves newness.

FTD: Are there certain styles that work better for someone with a bigger bust, or is heavier in certain spots?

MW: We focus on our fit, the fabric and our #1 goal is to make the customer feel confident in her L*Space bikini. What was in last season doesn’t mean it’s in this season. Be proud of who you are and enjoy the fun lifestyle that a bikini brings.

FTD: Are there a few tips you can give us for making bikini shopping a little more fun?

MW: The first part of making the experience more fun and less dreadful is embracing what your momma gave you. What’s better than a day at the beach?

L*space Wild Side One PIece

L*Space Wild Side One PIece

FTD: What are some styles that you’re expecting to be big hits this summer?

MW: Strappy styles with a TON of back detailing, a super saturated color palette and a ton of cheeky-ness.

FTD: L*Space has always been about mix and match, do you think women are gravitating more towards matching suits or do they like to mix up tops and bottoms? 

MW: We were founded on mixing and matching over a decade ago. The endless possibilities of mixing and matching keeps our brand new, fun and exciting.

FTD: In the past, L*Space has teamed up with Stila, are there plans for more collaborations in the future?  

MW: Our future is filled with collaborations. We love partnering with brands who embody the L*Space aesthetic. They are really fun to do and it’s great to work and learn from other great companies.

For more information, visit www.lspace.com.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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